Ikea Real Life

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May 2019
IKEA: Ikea Real Life
IKEA: Ikea Real Life
IKEA: Ikea Real Life
IKEA Ambient Ad - Ikea Real Life
IKEA Ambient Ad - Ikea Real Life
IKEA Ambient Ad - Ikea Real Life


Families are at the core of IKEA’s business: old and young, traditional and modern, family by birth or by choice. And in the UAE, IKEA faces a bigger challenge to be relevant to all of them, as the population is composed by mostly of expats. To show that IKEA has relevant solutions to all cultures, the brand recreated rooms everyone loves; the perfect inspiration to sell furniture in a way our diverse audience could connect to.

In this campaign, IKEA replaced all the furniture of a few famous families by its own. The Swedish brand chose three iconic family rooms on TV and then replicated them using IKEA furniture only.

First, hundreds of items were collected from the IKEA catalogue and website to find the perfect furniture for these iconic spaces. After a two-month search, the near identical TV show pieces were chosen. The selects were then sent to a 3D studio, that brought these iconic living rooms to life, using only IKEA furniture. This created visually striking versions of their living rooms, made for real families in the real world.


Ambient advertisement created by Publicis, Spain for IKEA, within the category: House, Garden.

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Spain
Chief Creative Officer: Eduardo Marques
Creative Director: Juliana Paracencio, Luiz Vicente Simões
Art Director: Diego Fernández-Cid
Copywriter: Guillermo Laureano Ley Núñez
3D Artist/Illustrator: Bruno Rodrigo de Miranda
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