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June 2009


Producer: Wei Chao

Challenge - In China, 21 million kids have been relocated to cities with their migrant working parents. A quarter of them have no hope of ever getting an education. The challenge was to highlight the plight of these kids, and in doing so, raise enough money to get them into school. How could we make people stop, think and begin to appreciate these kids? Solution:Appeal to their higher interests. Leveraging the growing appreciation for contemporary Chinese art, New Citizen Project commissioned local artists to create installation art pieces outside popular art galleries around Beijing. The pieces were created from construction materials often used by migrant workers; each with a book placed just out of reach. Effect:"Viewing the New Citizen Project pieces as art, large crowds gathered to discuss the merits of the work, only to be confronted by a harsh reality. Under the headline was a number to call if people wished to donate. So far, enough money has been raised to commission a new school and enroll 950 new students, with fundraising efforts continuing."

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Beijing, China
Executive Creative Director: Nils Andersson
Creative Director: Forest Young
Copywriters: Matthew Curry, Yuan Zhong, Kweichee Lam, Song Yue
Account Supervisor: Stone Yang
Art Directors: Forest Young, Lena Hou, Rocky Ren, Yu Zhenhua
Photographers: Johnny Pan, Wolf Liu
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Hajime's picture

But it might hurt people.

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mpared's picture

True Hajime ...i can see the blood running!!

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Planner at Bold Ogilvy and Mather |

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He can still use a hook! Cleverness beats knowledge.

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oye te cais y queai pal pico, too cortao wn, pero tá buena

NatalieM's picture

What an undertaking this must have been! And how scary it turned out. Gosh, I hope no one was killed. Besides being incredibly dangerous, the message screams successfully.


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Topolewski |


sirvan's picture

In this case, I actually DO think lawyers should get involved. Seriously, why not put it in a ring of nuclear waste? Or strap it to a tiger cub, with the mother nearby?

This is a stretch people... comon!

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"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

Pccs's picture

gret work, and i dont think people will get hurt, common do you really think someone is going to trip and fall into this place? although just for precaution, a safety rail could have been placed there. Well, thinking about it twice, yes children could actually get hurt here, so a safety rail should be mandatory, unless the pieces of glass are made just out of plastic of course.

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Graphic Designer
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this is brilliant. and yeah, it's kind of weird that the installation wasn't finished with a safety rail

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