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now i'm hungry.
nice panty marks btw

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ha ha ha thats funny which is wrong for a serious matter

Idea machine
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This is not a funny signature

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in your face

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hmmm, nice thought!

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* it's not how good you are. it's how good you want it to be *

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ahahaha, we've all had ideas like this before that never passed the first round... it doesn't mean they're bad though, they're just tasteless... or not?

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This type ideas never pass...
sure .. it attracts

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Saidu Karinga
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Ow, I dosen't want to be the model in this shoot.

nice idea

Michael Newman cover
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See, this is a cultural thing. To many Asians, a stinky gutter is no big deal. They can live with it, they generally ignore it, and they have no qualms about dumping more trash into it and stinking it up even worse.

But human faeces is taboo. It's utterly unbearable. It canNOT be tolerated.

So the idea here is "a dirty gutter stinks of shit". And the rest of the world says "well, DUH!"

But to the Chinese, this conveys the message that they need to clean up their gutters.

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Egesta is actually correct, my dear.

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I can see how this made it out of committee, but in applying it it is WAAAAAAAY too over the top. Excellent line of thinking though.

Culture In Ads: www.culturaltheology.org

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Laughed so hard I almost weed meself.

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== Bring back fags, lard and the biff.

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Advertising is all about symbolism!
The creative here has tried their butt off to convey that we humans are still careless many times and don't take note of places getting polluted by drains, gutters and every bit of shit..
Stll..everybody has a opinion and invariably some are intellectual ones.
So there is this great challange before creative brains to keep checking connect and disconnect quotient.
As long as they are more aware of this, they need not to get disappointed. In any case, get inspired..
Buck up guys!

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A big ass about to drop a big turd in an open drain is pretty straight up. The impact is really good.
However, I Don't know if this will make much of a difference. Most of Asia, from my understanding, is too relaxed when it comes to monitoring pollution and forecast studies suggest the situation has the potential to worsen. But good luck to them. The guy in the Paul Smith top is fucking funny too.

billy Hill
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Something's telling me that a gay elephant's coming!

Funny, and sure well attracts attention.

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so cute...

I ate Steve Fossett
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Crude, but VEEEEEEEEEERY effective ;);)

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send to them too

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I prefer the one that Harrison Communications Philippines did for Unilab, Inc. Same execution, slightly different idea.

Check this link out:

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