Protect Your Local D

September 2020
Durex: Protect Your Local D
Durex Ambient Ad - Protect Your Local D


From our daily commute to the restrooms at our favorite (recently reopened, socially distanced) bars - penises graffiti are an everyday sight in this city. And for some reason, they’re always … so naked. So unprotected. It may only be graffiti, but the things we see everyday shape our subconscious and our everyday reality. We want that reality to be a safe one, so we’ve created a set of condom stickers designed to be posted on top of your local dick graffiti. Let’s wrap them up and change perceptions, for a new normal where any penis is a protected penis. And for added convenience, you can order a supply of condoms with your stickers at our instagram @protectyourlocal.d

Ambient advertisement created by Miami Ad School, Germany for Durex, within the categories: Health, Personal Accessories.

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, Berlin, Germany
Art Director: Seine Kongruangkit
Copywriter: Aniko Legner
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