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December 2009
Burt’s Bees:  Lotion


Burt’s Bees Canada, creator of distinctive natural personal care products, unveiled a series of provocative installations that demonstrate how products that are put on the body are absorbed into the body. The installations were created by zig, Burt’s Bees agency of record in Canada, and are being showcased in malls and high-traffic areas in Toronto and Vancouver.

Research has shown that the body absorbs a significant amount of personal care products such as cosmetics, lotions and soaps, which can be particularly alarming for those using synthetic formulas. Larger-than-life displays were constructed to help consumers visualize the potential impact. “Torso” is a transparent mannequin that appears to be filled with body lotion, with signage that poses the question, “How many litres of body lotion will be absorbed into your system in a lifetime?” to promote Burt’s Bees Body Lotions. A traditional table setting takes an unappetizing turn, as a huge block of lipstick is served as the main course for the “Lipstick” installation, which asks passersby, “Are you hungry? How much lipstick will you eat in your lifetime?” to highlight Burt’s Bees Lip Glosses and Shimmers. “Baby Bottle” showcases a towering eight-foot bottle constructed of lotions, ointments and powders and ponders, “How much of what you put on your baby will ends up in your baby?” to showcase Burt’s Bees Baby Bee line of products.

“Burt’s Bees maintains the highest standards of natural in personal care, and all of our products are 95% natural or higher,” said Maureen Pharand, marketing manager, Burt’s Bees Canada. “The exhibit demonstrates the importance of using all natural products as opposed to synthetic. In fact, most synthetics are derived from or created to mimic the benefits of natural products.”

“The ‘natural’ claim has become a bit confusing to many consumers, as some products pose as natural, but do not actually meet the criteria associated with ‘truly natural’ – at least 95% all natural ingredients with minimal processing,” said Lynda Torneck, team coach at zig. “We want women to think twice about what they are putting on their skin, and educate them that Burt’s Bees offers all natural options beyond its much-loved lip balms.”

The exhibit was unveiled earlier this fall as part of an event at the Gardiner Museum in Toronto, where Burt’s Bees Vice President of Research & Development Celeste Lutrario also introduced new products in the Natural Anti-Blemish Solutions line. The exhibit will now travel to locations including Eaton Centre, Yorkdale Mall, Square One, Vaughan Mills and Union Station in Toronto, and Pacific Centre in Vancouver, where Burt’s Bees staff will be on-hand to field questions and offer passersby more information on the brand. The traveling display will run through February 2010.

Ambient advertisement created by Zig, Canada for Burt’s Bees, within the category: Health.


How many litres of body lotion will be absorbed into your system in your lifetime?

Advertising Agency: zig, Canada
Executive Creative Director: Martin Beauvais
Art Director: Briony Wilson
Writer: Lorraine Tao
Coach: Lynda Torneck
Planner: Doug Potwin
Team Leader: Leslie Hunter
Project Manager: Anne Cayer
Studio: Cathy Lam, William Leung
Retoucher: Jeremy Thompson
Print Production: Jen Dark
Media Director: Laurissa Stebeleski
Builders: Performance Solutions
Photographer: Dave Sloan
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jackmancer2017's picture

I think it's a big dissapointment the body lotion they're trying to sell isn't 100% natural. That kinda breaks the advertisement.

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Expensive, but beautiful.

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Very nice visualization, very convincing!

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good question... where is the answer????

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jackmancer2017's picture

I think it's a big dissapointment the body lotion they're trying to sell isn't 100% natural. That kinda breaks the advertisement.

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Good Stuff.

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they should lose the question mark on the header, surely it is a comment for the lotion filled torso above. I would like some measurements behind this too. Maybe the measurements could have question marks instead? 20l? 30l? etc.

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this is very good

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Not my cup of tea.. but it works.

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