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April 2005

Print advertisment created by FCB, Italy for Pronto, within the category: House, Garden.

Only one beauty gesture to cleanse, nourish deeply and protect.
Pronto Legno Vivo is the cream with extra pure beeswax that penetrates deeply into the wood preserving its natural beauty and protecting it for a long time.

Advertising Agency: FCB, Milan, Italy
Creative Director: Remo Bonaguro
Art Director: Remo Bonaguro
Copywriter: Laura Colombo
Photographer: Maurizio Cigognetti

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Anonymous Author
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I'm unsure why exactly, but I really do like this.

Write a wise saying and your name will live forever – Anonymous.

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almost sexual, be careful

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Chelsey Homan
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Almost sexual is a good thing, no?

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Looks like sperm... anyways, it would be better if the text not touching the 'liquid'.

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Che brutto fotoritocco ragazzi.
Don't like.

Manola fili

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tamer samy
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Just awesome, but maybe a lighten wooden color would be better!

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Yeah I really like this. Although some people might still think it's for people, not for wood.

Yes I might have some guest bashing at me for that - go ahead - I think it might happen if you see this short.

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What is Jesus doing here?

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I like the idea. I distrust the physics: no cream blobs up at the end of a stream like that; and I think the copywriter should be ashamed or at least a little embarassed here."...protecting it for a long time from dust and woodworms"? For a start, it's 'woodworm', and 'for a long time' really they couldn't come up with a more solid sell than that? Though I can forgive the quirky 'beauty gesture' in the headline, the payoff looks like a google translation when google was drunk,.

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This one is great, visually, in the germ of the idea, at least. The other one of the pair looks as if whatever inspiration wrought this ad was spent before it got to the second. Pity. The translation... ha ha, yeah, well.

That's it.

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The copy and the drop make an unintentional Christian cross.

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Yeah. In the small thumbnail view, I assumed that was what it was intended to be.

That's it.

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Ok, I don't think they have really published this in english (in Italy). So... please, where is the original one?

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i hate where the headline is place. Gets in the way. Put it down in the body copy

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Very nicely done on how they resemble taking care to woman. Nice approach.

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vinay pandey
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everything you cannot correlate with women.........