La dolce vita

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November 2010

Print advertisment created by JWT, Italy for Il Gioco del Lotto, within the category: Gaming.

Lotto official sponsor of the International Rome Film Festival.

Advertising Agency: JWT, Rome, Italy
Creative supervisor: Fabrizio Grillotti
Creative Directors: Bruno Bertelli, Cristiana Boccassini
Art Director: Loredana Cusatis
Copywriter: Anna Mochi Onori
Account Director: Giuseppe Salinari
Account Executive: Mariangela Pino, Stefano Patriarca
Illustrator: Studio Oliva

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Nice reference to classic movies.

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

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I'm not really into movies, specially not classic ones, specially not Italian ones. So, maybe, just maybe, I didn't recognise a single bit of the visual ;-) I don't find it particularly strong. A 3 with arms? Gimme a break ;p

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you are not into classic movies, you are not into italian classic movies (the best ones: old cinecittà is still miles ahead of hollywood, BTW) and you still want to criticize things you cannot understand. your ego must be really, really huge. does anyone force you to write something in ANY ad posted here? Before you reply: I really hadn't time to register here, work takes too much of my time.

jackmancer2017's picture
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Well, I suppose Italian people including youth would probably understand this though there might be Italians that'll not understand this, as you don't really see that much of a story unfolding, merely one scene of the movie.

You can criticise me for criticizing the ad while not fully understanding it, but is it my job to go and understand this ad? That's not how advertising works. The ad must be understandable for me, as people don't take all that much effort to understand an ad.

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A scene from one of the greatest classic italian movie made by the greatest italian director for one of the greatest film festival in Italy. The target will not spend too much energy to understand that ad.
Image is stong and funny, and a "movie fan" will surely love it.

Mate, spend less time criticizing and more studying.

whatthefudge's picture
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No, an ad must be understandable for the specific T.G. – not you.

jackmancer2017's picture
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Yes that makes sense, I'm not in the target group (as I said in first post)

AnonymousDave's picture
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That reminds me of a famous quote, "Fellini was no Jack Mancer." - Federico Fellini.

In a way though, Jack, you're right, you don't need any appreciation of other forms of storytelling in order to tell stories, that's like saying you need to read a lot of books to be a good writer, which we all know isn't true. Hemingway never read a word in his life. He didn't even read his own words as he wrote them. Instead he blindfolded himself, got steeped in dark rum and covered the walls of his house with words that an editor would later organize into a novel.

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Less Jack Mancer. More Anonymous Dave.

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Very basic.

Manola F.

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This ad brings the "numbers" to life - like that of movies - Reasoning for the arms.

And the fact this #3 is dazzling around in what looks to be the TREVI FOUNTAIN IN ROME makes an easy parallel between Lotto/lucky/winning/film.

Great execution JWT Rome.

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Tra l'altro lo sfondo non mi sembra ben amalgamato con il numero.
Fateci un pensierino.

Manola F.

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It's the most famous sceen from "La dolce vita", you can check it out here.
It's sooo easy to recognise it, or at least, it surely is for any italian or anybody into the film festival that promotes (wich actually is the target).

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Is the International Rome film festival regarding only OLD MOVIES???

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