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Sorry. Not working for me.

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the idea is good but the road from the smartdevice should be larger and straight without curves

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Art direction is very nice, but the idea itself is incredibly forced.

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An axe murderer of ads.

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nice art

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getting tired of the "don't text an drive" category

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Sorry. Not working for me.

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This ad is not too detail but it gets straight to the point. Although it too me a little while to understand the message it does explain itself with the help of the text messages on the bottom right. At first when I looked at it I thought it had to do with a new family car or a new model to target other people. However, having the phone and an image of the continuous road made sense. Addition to having the phone and the image inside it, the pedestrians are a big part in it and adding a small family/older woman to it can show that more than one person can get hurt by doing this. Also, it helps that the older woman don’t seem to be so apart from the driver because it’s indicating that in just a short second a life of someone can completely change by texting and driving. A small suggestion I would add would be perhaps facts about how many people get hurt for doing this or adding a real life image of someone who was affected by the this act.

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Sorry. No dice.

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Not bad

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Great Art

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The idea is nice, but according to the design, even if the driver takes the Mobile phone root (which is fooling him apparently) he will not hit the old lady!

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