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Sequoia Investment Management Company is a London based Investment Advisory firm. Sequoia considers itself a specialist in infrastructure debt asset management. We spend a majority of our time, to find optimal infrastructure debt investments to help and increase our investment portfolios. Sequoia's Directors is considered some most seasoned investment professionals in the UK with a combined experienced of over a 100 years.

At Sequoia we work side by side with investors and advisors to improve efficiency in investing in infrastructure debt. Our investment asset match up with the latest fund regulations and legal laws of the investment ordinances.

We provide easy access to infrastructure debt to all investors. Infrastructure debt can offer a yield premium and diversification benefits and we use proprietary strategy to meet investor risk-return objectives.

Sequoia Investment Management Company has been the leader in this sector for the last 10 years - transforming its business from being a lending asset class to a more profitable investment asset class. We have become truly global investment advisory company with working in global markets including Amsterdam, Tokyo, New York and London UK. Sequoia directors have a strong record in asset management - we are the investment advisor for the Sequoia Economic Infrastructure Income Fund. This fund is an FTSE 250 listed infrastructure debt fund on the London Stock Exchange that invests in the mezzanine and senior infrastructure debt. Our directors manage over Six billion pounds in assets.