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Me is not worth knowing except that the only thing I really wish in life is a middle seat in a movie hall and while traveling in the train. I love movie posters, be it Hollywood, Polish or Hindi.. A Movie poster is a story-teller, not that you can guess the plot by the poster. Another love of my life is typography. Helvetica, Meta, Bodoni, Verdana or Baar Sophia. Each typeface has a story to tell. I also love to cook, not that my life depends on it. If my life depended on it, I can sing, run, make a bed in 14 seconds, shave a pig and milk a man.

I can sketch a bit and fiddle around with a computer..I understand what WWW means and I can play around with words and alphabets. I hate people stepping on my toes in a bus and littering.

I think I am enough!