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Arnold Santillan - occupation: VISUAL PROSTITUTE
United States

We'll I have been working too many hours, not enough pay, people always take your ideas and get credit for it. I wish that there is a union for creative people like us. I dislike people who think they are creative or so called graphic designers yet they don't posses any skills. This website helps me a lot to stir my brain for ideas, concept and more thanks IVAN, also the people in this forum who gave me honest response like: TRICKY, Adabortion, Jnr AD. and Drunk Dave nevr forget him. also Weighter and my favorite female: ellehcimeo. See you can teach somebody to be a graphic designer but you CAN NEVER TEACH SOMEBODY THE EYE. sure 1000 hours of photoshop classes but still no skill. Useless, but they get paid mad loot. I wish someday I make it BIG. Props to my best buddy: SLICK he started the clothing line called FUCT and much more.
cell: 714-206-2459

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