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Karan Bhatia
Surat, India

2004 - Won student contest, represented India at Cannes Lions Academy
2006 - Made a mistake and left JWT Mumbai due to personal problems at hometown. Should have instead taken a sabbatical
2007 - Made the biggest mistake of my life by joining Radio Mirchi Surat. The worst office ever. Quit it after 7 months
2008 - Made another mistake of joining a small agency PS PostScript Advertising for a half-decent salary, disregarding the presence of a ultra super-dooper douchenozzle douchebag pig-faced harami boss (i mean the owner of this unregistered agency, not the CD). Left after 4 1/2 months when they did not increase the salary as promised and instead resorted to low-life mind games.
2009 - Joined another small agency, but it wasn't a good match. Boss and people were good, salary was ok, but my heart wasn't there. Got fired for the first time in life. After 2 1/2 months they gave me notice period but since i was happy to part i requested immediate leave, which was granted.
Now - doin freelance and improving my folio for a chance to work with great creatives with good hearts and minds.
later: did creative crowdsourcing for 3 years
Now: working at a real-estate client-base ad agency Thoughtrains Design, nope quit that, went back to creative crowdsourcing, nope still not managing reqular income, joined small agency in Surat