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I can write a book about me and my life's experiences. I am now in my 30's living in Los Angeles working in digital, but also studying the craft of creative advertising as it relates to superlative copywriting and dynamic visual communications. And with that said, I would like to welcome you all to the future of Creative Advertising ladies and gentlemen starring Ed Rapport as himself.

Born in Oakland, CA, I grew up a very curious kid about the world around me, advertising and hip hop. My earliest memories of my childhood were sitting in front of the tube allured to the creative imaginations at play behind timeless :30 by great agencies during the 80's such as Ally & Gargano and Chiat/Day to name a few.. Indeed, there were other hot shops and many brilliant creatives past and present that have influenced my pursuit to happyness and becoming a CW; working in tandem with my art director. Grinding it out in the ad trenches somewhere in Manhattan or San Francisco. Sheer brilliance and winning new business, and winning awards!.. Going to Cannes. Winning in Cannes! And there's me accepting my Lions in German imported Carrera sunglasses wearing the very best of Martin Margiela and Yves Saint Laurent, . Then I'll sit down all smiles next to the hottest babe in some fancy French building:-)

Then I'll think back when I lived in New York and going to college. Whoever thought I'd move to the advertising/hip hop metropolis? I was all the way in Brooklyn Heights - SFC in 2000 and earned a degree in communication arts specializing in advertising. Right then I knew I had made a very wise decision. Most of my career has been in digital, and I would prefer to keep it that way. I've worked in shops in NYC, SF, to where I am at now, Sunny, Los Angeles, CA.. I entered ad school in 2008, and the transition over to copywriting is starting to unfold, quickly!. I'm currently wrapping up ad school @ the bookshop ads, and my chops are surely getting sharpened.. and my pen game.. superbly wicked! Not to mention, I am very much into the art of NY Hip Hop and schooling heads with well written street gritty lyrics that give you a burst of fresh newness without the additives and preservatives of today's bubblgum hip pop music. So yea i wanna be a rapper too like cons, kanye, cube, dre 3000, jada, nas and all the very best who done did it!