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Reghunath T. Shanmathuran
Creative Director
Valappila communications (P) Ltd.

I am Reghunath T. Shanmathuran I have 17 years experience in advertising Industry. As a Creative Director I would put in my very best in developing strategically creative artworks. And I would work in tandem with the creative team. I would put in my best to improve the visual look and feel of the creative. I would do my best to assist the creative team in coming up with effective and persuasive ideas in tune with the client's communication strategy, ensuring that the artworks fit in with the clients' requirements and the image they wish to project for their company or product. I would stimulate creative ideas for and from everyone involved in the creative process. In short, I would be totally involved with the actual process of creating the artwork as well as its execution. As my friends say, by nature I have an instinct to empathize with people in general. So I am confident of acquiring valid insights into consumer behavior, which, I believe, I can come in handy while developing successful artworks.