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Image Guidelines

For images please send jpegs of size appr. 2400x2400px or bigger. You can also send animated gifs if applicable. Send the whole campaign in one email (if possible) and zip up the jpegs.

Movie and Audio guidelines

Please send mp4 files up to 50MB, or YouTube / Vimeo links to videos posted by the brand or agency.

Credit Format

Please provide the following information with all submissions in Title Case:

Media Types and Definitions
  1. Film - TV & Cinema Moving Image Advertising
  2. Print – Newspaper and Magazine Press Advertising
  3. Digital - Online, Mobile and In-Game Advertising
  4. Direct - Direct Marketing Advertising
  5. Outdoor - Out of Home Advertising
  6. Ambient - Advertising Placed In Unusual Settings
  7. Audio - Radio Advertising
  8. Content - Branded Entertainment
  9. Experiential - Real Life Interaction or Engagement Advertising
  10. Integrated - Multiple Media Campaign
  11. Design - Brand Identity and Graphic Design
Student Work

If you're an advertising student and would like to submit your work to our Student Ads section, please follow the guidelines above, and indicate that your work is student work in the email by providing the name, location, and website of the Advertising School, instead of the Ad Agency.

Please Note
  1. Not all submissions are posted.
  2. Do not send the same work several times.
  3. Publication is permanent, get all necessary approvals in advance.
  4. If you have questions, please use the 'Help' pill in the bottom left.
Selection Criteria
Ads of the World is a website targeted at advertising professionals. Therefore the criteria for selection in general is to please this audience. I try to select ads that answer at least one of the following criteria:
  1. Inspiring. Ads that either in their approach, idea or execution inspires creatives to do better work.
  2. Informative. Ads that are created for global and well known brands or by well known agencies. This is in order for creatives to be in the know.
  3. Interesting. Ads that are interesting in one some way. For example, a campaign from a region we don't have many ads from that gives insight to an exotic culture, or made for an unusual product or target market.
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