The limited-edition scary snacks – which are actually chicken, liver and beef-flavored– provide cat parents with a new and hauntingly fun way to treat – and maybe even trick – their pets this Halloween.

The new brand campaign from Constant Contact, “Let’s Win This,” is an anthemic tribute to U.S. small business, told with equal parts earnestness and humor to both acknowledge and offset the hardship of the past 18 months. It debuted on the 14th in honor of Small Business Week.

‘Made in China’, ‘Made in Bangladesh’, the labels inside our clothes show us where our clothes are made, but not always how. Sustainable fashion brand Goat Organic Apparel launches a T-shirt where they place the ‘made in’ label on the outside. This comes as a statement against the low production standards fast fashion brands set in manufacturing countries such as Bangladesh.  

Lavinia Bakker, one of the founders of Goat:
“This T-shirt is a cornerstone of our people first standards. By placing our ‘Proudly made in Bangladesh’ on the outside, we want to show that we don’t have to hide where and how our clothes are made, we are proud of it. And we would like the wearer of the tee to be that as well. We dare you to find a high-street fashion label who, with a clear conscience, will do the same.”

With Goat’s ideals set in stone, the brand wants to go beyond selling clothes and has started their Taking Action platform with which they help causes that truly matter. Millions of workers in countries like Bangladesh were already struggling to get fair wages and with the COVID crisis, they are hit even harder. Therefore, the proceeds of this ‘Proudly made in Bangladesh’ T-shirt will be donated to Labour Behind the Label, a charity that provides aid to textile workers around the world.

Wholesome’s long standing commitment to helping and celebrating communities was portrayed through this brand campaign as the films celebrate others who are giving back to their communities. The videos shine a light on the bakers’ incredible stories, focusing on how bakers are inherently generous and inspirational people.

Highlighting these deserving, small town individuals, the mini documentaries hone in on how baking brings people together, showing how one can turn the profession of baking into something deeper. Through the act of baking, people’s spirits are lifted -- allowing people to come together and care for one another.

As families are continuing to turn to vacation rentals as a way to travel and spend quality time together, Vrbo teamed up with Fortnight Collective to create a new campaign to celebrate its hosts and spread the love of togetherness with its global community.

Centered around the theme, “Let’s Do Together Together”, the campaign features real hosts in their actual vacation homes, making this Vrbo’s first ever host-facing broadcast campaign. This approach brings to life the care each host puts into their rental property, showing how they make it a home away from home, not just a place to stay.

Brook Outdoor Ad - #stopcyberflashing
Brook Outdoor Ad - #stopcyberflashing

Eye-catching illustrations of people cyberflashing will feature in adverts online and on billboards across the country with the message ‘It’s illegal to flash someone irl so why not online?’ However, the genitals themselves will be censored by a QR code, accompanied by the hashtag #STOPCYBERFLASHING.

People will be encouraged to scan the QR code with their phones – they’ll then be taken to Brook’s campaign landing page to learn more about cyberflashing, and directed to a platform allowing them to instantly tweet their MP to demand their support in banning cyberflashing.

Unsolicited nudes have been invading our inboxes for long enough. Cyberflashing is not just intimidating, it’s sexual harassment which can cause untold harm and emotional distress to the victim. Yet it happens every single day - according to a 2018 YouGov poll, a shocking four in ten young women said they had been sent a photograph of a penis without having asked for one, with 46% of these women saying they were under 18 when it first happened, and 26% of 18-24 year old men have reported receiving unsolicited nudes.

McDonald's Print Ad - Cooler bag
McDonald's Print Ad - Cooler bag
McDonald's Print Ad - Cooler bag