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September 2010
Zurich Chamber Orchestra Print Ad -  Babyconcert


Print advertisement created by Euro RSCG, Switzerland for Zurich Chamber Orchestra, within the category: Recreation, Leisure.


Concerts for Babies

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG Zurich, Switzerland
Creative Director: Axel Eckstein
Art Director: Rob Hartmann
Copywriter: Urs Zwssig
Photographer: Annette Fischer
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morse's picture

Very cute and the message is clear.

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Art Director |

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

Cheerriiee's picture

That baby looks very weird, unless its because his lower body forms a music note, but still.

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Graphic Designer
ivan's picture

Babies look like this because they wear huge nappies. :)

Creative Director at Ads of the World
Cheerriiee's picture

still this one looks very weird.

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Graphic Designer
Guest's picture

Somebody broke the poor baby's right leg.

shaun1800's picture

It's a nice enough ad and a cool brief to get, but given it's aimed at parents it's probably important to note that babies aren't meant to sleep on their stomachs as it can cause cot death.

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Guest's picture

too cute to say anything bad here. Cool print!

New Nice and Fun's picture

Staves in sheet + only one ear to listen to the music. Not at all convinced

New Nice and Fun
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Guest's picture

Straight and clear. Good job.

Guest's picture

they thought of this visual and then went out to find a client.

Miss Copywriter 22's picture

no no nooo mess even a little bit with a baby and it turns into a horror flick...the right leg is all twisted and its creepy. would have been better if the baby's leg formed a musical note without graphics...

Miss Copywriter 22
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JeffP's picture

Love it. Just having the baby sleeping without being in the shape of a music note would also have worked.

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Marketing Manager at TomTom
dadada's picture

funny! :)

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Art Director |

Everybody is creative, be yourself.

reasonwhy's picture

Message ?

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Art Director
Billoughsby's picture

One comment says we didn't need the lines and the next comment says we didn't need the dark pants. I might agree with either comment alone, but something had to say music here in a forced visual pun sort of way, didn't it?

I like the guy who said that they thought of this and then went out looking for a client to use it. That feels eerily true.

Oh. The ad, the ad... Yeah. Almost forgot about the ad. Um, it's cute.

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Art Director |

That's it.

jackmancer2017's picture

Didnt even see the music note before I red the comments.

elyoshiro's picture


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Guest's picture

i can imagine that it was not easy to take this picture of a baby. well done. pure and simple.

kingzeus's picture

like it..

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Guest's picture

Aua! Das arme rechte Bein!

TiltedChairCreative's picture

Holy crap, love it. Simple simple simple.

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Guest's picture

I love it... Simple and clever...

shah wali jan's picture

Very cute and the message is clear.

i like it very much. good

shah wali jan
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manumartin5's picture

Baby made me smile. cute.

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manumartin5's picture

i really liked the concept. It has the emotional connect and it is cute.

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MidasTouch's picture

Sweet :)

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//usevertising v.s badvertising//
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