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Is this some sort of a Zurich-specific visual gag? (which completely escapes me)
4 flights a day between 9 to 3?

Jet Propulsion Lab
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Yes. When you think of Zurich, you think of watches. The time has nothing to do with it. The hands are positioned so that it looks like the front of a jet.


I've decided that no purchase is necessary.

Joseph Campbell
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I've decided I hate signatures.

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"Da plane! Da plane! Da plane!!!"
Duh. Blind as a fuckin' bat today... Thanks.

Jet Propulsion Lab
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It must be nice having an audience as well educated in advertising as they are in the UK, cuz I feel anywhere else, this would fly over most peoples heads. Nice thinking.

Ed Mintone
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..."fly over" most people's heads? Smart ass..
How are things in Kabul?

Jet Propulsion Lab
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hmm. I didn't think of watches, but you're right.
and I was wondering why it's not 2 flights a day (one at three, one at nine and also it makes a nice aircraft). still a great ad.

*the best skate/snow/surfing videos and pictures.
*updated daily!

andrej dwin
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AdArena: Sex Sells

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Well spotted - thanks. Great idea, though I think that many people would also need it explaining.

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Really cool

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is the front of a plane, jejejeje, nice one

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i'm not getting on that plane, there's no rear wing or rudder. and not much of a view for the pilots either.

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@Jet Propulsion Lab why wouldnt u disturb about this clock having two minute hand? u make me bad : ) this is a big prestige ad for ba.

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NOBODY's gonna get this once it's printed in a mag or in the papers.
an ad for award shows and other ad people.
looks nice though.

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Come on! who doesn't know Switzerland is famous for it's watches?

And the ad isn't even that good - to be an "award" ad, that is.

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are you saying that only "good ads" (whatever that is!) are being sent to the juries?

guess the plane reference is the most important part of this ad. so if people miss it - and i agree that they probably will - a big part of this beautiful looking ad goes straight to the "unnoticed" bin.

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Not quite there, for me.

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>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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the hands dont really look like airplane... it needs more emphasis to show.. it took me a while to see the plane... thats all..

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| everartz |

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So 24 hrs in a day, the hands would be in that position 4 times. Neato.

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Only 2 times. 14.45 and in the night 2.45.

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plus it's from Big Ben 'watch' to swiss watches. ;-)
but I like it.

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Switzerland is famous for there watches
and the watch reminds the bigban in London,
and you can see clear that i't is foming a airplan view from front.

And if you think on 4 flights a day,
you have the 2 sides of the hand of the watch,
both have the same size, so it can be
3h45 or 15h45
9h45 or 21h45


.: crislud
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3h45 or 15h45 and
9h45 or 21h15

i know that it should be 2h45 if you really look in a watch,
but this one visually I see 3h45.

.: crislud
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I like it. Good idea.

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This is terrible guys. Should never ever have been posted.

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u re talking too much=) if u wanna talk about smthng, talk about who sees a hour hand in this print???

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