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October 2008
York Region Transit:  Bank account


Print advertisement created by Rao Barrett and Welsh, Canada for York Region Transit, within the category: Transport.


Driving costs more than you think. Take the bus.

Advertising Agency: Rao Barrett and Welsh, Toronto, Canada
Photographer: Garth Grosjean
Retoucher: Doug Shimizu
Designer: Deb Cochrane, Patrick Stolk-Ramaker
Executive Creative Directors: Mike Welsh
Creative Director / Art Director: Mike Welsh
Creative Director / Copywriter: Gavin Barrett
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teenie's picture

Aw, you should have played with the taglines more! Don't get lazy and just change the word on the dial. Sheesh!

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Copy_Can's picture

These ads suck on their own merit, not necessarily because ACCOUNT is spelled wrong.

Scam Detector's picture

That's Canadian spelling.

Scam Detector
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General Manager
Copy_Can's picture

Canadians, such as myself, spell "account" as "account".

daprankster's picture

Nice approach, it deserves better line.

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Graphic Designer
ackattak's picture

Good eye! What a terrible mistake!

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Mark_'s picture

So if I drive a lot, and waste a lot of gas, the sum of money on my bank account will increase?


sorry, nice way of thinking, but it's not a 100% correct.

Guest commenter's picture

no it will decrease...

(F) ull gas
(E) mpty bank account

Guest commenter
Whitefang's picture

weak as poo

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gribovitch's picture

except the "acount" mistake, it's a very nice idea on such a subject (I mean you could do better, but then no company would do it anyway

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creative director, switzerland |

said the joker to the clown

tantrik_indian's picture

Couldn't think of anything better again and again?

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Copywriter |

~~this paranoid survived!~~

Gavin Barrett's picture

Sorry guys. Pre-release artwork was mistakenly submitted to AOTW.
Will resubmit typo corrected version and hope Ivan will indulge me.
We did catch the spelling error - and it did run with the correct spelling. i.e. Account.
BTW, you can check out how much money you can save by visiting:

Gavin Barrett
Activity Score 8
Creative Director at Barrett and Welsh
Shilpi's picture

How can u spell "account" wrong...copy mistake..plz check your copy properly...

Scam Detector's picture

Try to read the previous comments before you comment.

Scam Detector
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General Manager
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