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February 2008
Yamaha:  Wolf


In Italy, the symbol of the city Of Rome is a Wolf. For Naples a Donkey, for Catania an Elephant.

Print advertisement created by 1861 United, Italy for Yamaha, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: 1861 United, Milan, Italy
Executive Creative Directors: Pino Rozzi, Roberto Battaglia
Creative Directors: Vincenzo Gasbarro
Art Directors: Vincenzo Gasbarro
Copywriters: Federico Ghiso
Photographer: Roberto Carrer
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... and AGAIN!

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i wanna be in the middle not biased to any side.. for that i think maybe italian advertising industry has this "level" for certain reasons only italian can know about.. maybe they find it very funny there.. or it answers the briefs given in the creative departments so they are happy with what they do, but they must admit that their work isnt meeting the international standards of our industry..

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I'm italian and i agree with you. Think that United is the best italian creative agency.
I would like to make some good works, but in Italy it's IMPOSSIBLE. I'm in adv from 4 years
and i have lost all my battles against clents, account and sometimes creative director.
add that young creatives are not paid and work every day until 9/10 p.m. to produce shit.
This is Italy.

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as an italian i totally agree.
just a few peolple try to reach the international standards. even less are able to.
sad, sada, italian adv world.

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in advertising SCRIPTA VOLANT

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just think that the animals should be smilling, using a helmet, some googles.. little more expression... pleasure expression

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This campaign is not comprehensible for italian people too. If i see that wolf i don't think at simbol of Rome.
This is a my opinion. Peace.

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