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Anyone want me to send them the e-mail that these images were stolen from? Suppose google will do the trick.

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with all due respect, advertising an advertising school by blatantly using something from FWD: FWD: FWD: emails is both cheap and bad advertising. tsk tsk tsk.

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I have seen this ides many times in forwarded mails

what kind of creativity is this ?


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- Vikram Dhembare

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YAWNNNNNN. Grapes of wrath talk.

jaws of wan hoon
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so? because you haven't thought of it? or because it was forwarded million times and you dont want it to "belong" to a certain company? i saw all of them at only a week ago, it's still funny anyway. i understand that they didn't come up with those jokes, but they found a good way to apply the existing joke to advertise their services. itit's really annoying, that this website is becoming a place for internet detectives: "done!" "check this out!", "seen before here!" and so on...

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And this coming from a guy like Graham Warsop.
Time for the hat to come off.

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The emails u got were cropped pics from this ads. Great work.

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"Sex sells. Truth even better." - A friend

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No.. they weren't...

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That's a lot of butch.

super calibara
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This ad is telling u: if you do not have enought brain for anything else, then come to study advertising.
is a dumb resolution.
the ad should be resolved with a creative thinking, dont u think?

u have a (0)

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i like these ads.
i know what you're saying about the mails, but hey, i've seen brands using well known things in their campaigns, for their own benefit, haven't you?? scenes from movies, for example. well known phrases. even gettyimages photos (just put a logo and/or copy and let's go)!!!

besides, i confess, i totally identify with these... i know ZERO about math, algebra and all these numbers... and for me that's a powerful insight.

They're not saying you don't have brains, they're saying each person is excellent in one thing and maybe not so good in others (unless you're a genius), which is true. My thing is NOT numbers, that's for sure.

Plus, the ads made me laugh.

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HA! nice insight ;p

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The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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Oh, I didn't realize these were ripped off! I love them. I've never seen them before.

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the ads came first, guys. They've been around longer than blogs have.

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Can you add worth to that comment mate? What do you know or have with you, that can prove that these ads came first?

Think of me as an upside down ! mark.

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:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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Dike a lot of sense

super calibara
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Come on you lot, get off the righteous horse... even the first Sony Bravia TVC was a complete and utter copy.

I bet you all loved that.

At least be consistent with your judgments.

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why can an agency use a boring photostock in THREE ADS that are exactly the same (whose idea is the photographer's):

and another can't use something like that in their ads (different stuff in each one, by the way)? what's wrong with it???
i must say i never saw the mails you're talking about, and even knowing it, who cares???

i'm not saying it's brilliant, but everybody want to kill the guy who did this campaign and that's not fair.

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ruspekt i have also seen these before when i was at high school. the school is the most acclaimed in SA but i think that, this is a disgrace to advertising.

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