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November 2008
WWF Print Ad -  Water


Print advertisement created by Everest Brand Solutions, India for WWF, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


Polluted river water kills as many people as a nuclear explosion.

Advertising Agency: Everest Brand Solutions, Gurgaon, India
National Creative Director: N Padmakumar
Creative Directors: Satish Kirodian
Art Directors: Satish Kirodian, Hasnain Waris
Visualizer: Mitesh Sajwan
Copywriter: Sumant Bhattacharya
Illustrators: Avinash Mahadik, Surender
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Nice. Effective. Good concept. But looks like a little bit...

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may i be wrong, but isn´t the same concept? -->
in fact i prefer the unicef one

Giorgio Candiotti
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totally totally. and besides the other one is far better executed

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yes it is the same ,
still works very nice..
and works also..

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I'm not sold on the upside down copy(or is the cup supposed to be upside down?) but the concept is great.

Andrew Richardson
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sorry, just don't like it. mushroom clouds are a rinsed icon too.

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Roger Daly
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sumant da, eta toh khoob takaatak aache

jai hind
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jai hind
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the upside down copy i guess plays on coz only after turning it upside down will the reader link it on with the nuclear mushroom.... nice concept.. seen before but well laid on..

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Nice work bro, i m proud of u buddy !!!!!!
Ofcourse i hv seen u work on it..........

Shivani Prasad
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Nice, but the upside down copy makes it very A for apple

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nice concept but can somebody explain why copy is upside down?

dew drops
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so you see the mushroom cloud and the copy at the same time.

Crisp One
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good. but it doesn't compare to shikoba

Guest commenter
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Pretty neat if you ask me. Execution is nice.

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if you haven't recognised that it's done before, well ... i really like it!!
if it was your purpose to copy and nobody'll recognize ... hm uncool dudes!

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nice work... good efforts by the visualizer...

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shikoba is nice... good

Guest commenter
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hi sumo we'd done the same thing a couple of years ago from contract delhi for dabur glucose-extra energy

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this isn't new

Guest commenter
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unicef ad was a better execution. sorry.

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thuis is 832.

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very same to a oriental insuarnace ad in india lst year where they showd a policy hangiung from tree to show insuarnace for kashmiri apples.

You guys are late than India.

publicis banda
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Its not clear to me.Can you please explain your campaign?

Guest commenter
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copy sucks. visual is nothing new.

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I don't really agree with the upside down copy. It doesn't add anything in my opinion.

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