Global Warming

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March 2010
WWF:  Global Warming


Print advertisement created by FCB, Canada for WWF, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


Turn off the lights. Help turn off the problem. March 27, 8:30pm

Advertising Agency: Draft FCB, Toronto, Canada
Chief Creative Officer: Robin Heisey
Creative Directors: Joe Piccolo, Chris Taciuk
Art Director: Dan Cantelon
Copywriter: Ryan Grosman
Photographer: Philip Rostron
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muraliduggineni's picture

the creative adds to global warming.

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murali duggineni

muraliduggineni's picture

the creative adds to global warming.

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murali duggineni

shahidali's picture

i had the same feeling as muraliduggineni

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xcreativity's picture

not really

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=== Looking for concept/art creative to form a team to work in independent advertising projects. ===

Alexandre Brito
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akshaysrikar's picture

no way... lights are just a small part contributing to global warming... and its not simple "turning off the problem"...
no insight = no inspiration

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rainman's picture

hence the campaign

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Art Director
akshaysrikar's picture

neat artwork though

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Shadow Ops's picture

i was a little surprised to see these ads since now a lot of the global warming notions have been debunked with false data. Are we really still hanging on to this stuff? Just an opinion. It seems trite to keep hammering on this stuff anyway. Why not just point out recycling is helpful and respectful to the planet. Nobody can argue that.

Shadow Ops
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Let's keep advertising fun

perromalo's picture

Well, the concept could have been better, but the art work is fine

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Prime83's picture

I'm about to leave the lights on the 27th, I am not convinced at all.

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Dev Kumar's picture

If rationale is a problem here then it shouldn't be because lights just don't light up when they're switched on. A lot of the nature's resources are used up to get the light to us, e.g. huge tracts of fertile catchment river basins are flooded to make dams for hydel power and enormous amounts of coal are burnt to produce thermal power. Incidentally, huge dams have caused more problems than solved any while the incessant clouds of hot smoke that the thermal plants belch out are drilling big holes in the ozone layer. That's as basic as it gets. Now what these ads are telling us to do is, respect the effort needed to get the lights on and appreciate the need to use light rationally. Earth Hour is just the symbolic part, somewhat like Santa Claus or the Christmas Tree.

Dev Kumar
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Guest's picture

I'm astounded when people talk about "Global warming being debunked" shows a fundemental lack of scientific understanding. That aside it seems to me that anytime we can waste less it is positive. Whether one believes in global warming or not, it seems to make a lot of sense to save money and resources by turning off lights when they are not in use.

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