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January 2008
WWF:  Fish
WWF Print Ad -  Fish


Print advertisement created by Farfar, Sweden for WWF, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


For a living Baltic Sea.
Help us turn things around. Donate €5 by texting WWF to 72 900

Advertising Agency: Farfar, Sweden
Creative Director: Jon Dranger
Art Director: Tomas Jonsson
Copywriter: Carl Fredrik Jannerfeldt
Account Director: Lina Gooch
Account manager: Adrian Nilsson
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jackmancer2017's picture

The donating system via sms is good, easy and swift, didn't see it that way before, but I don't like this ad, you don't see any endangerment in the species, it's like a page from a fish encyclopia.

mmackinven's picture

I think the endangerment of the species message comes from them being upside down, fish seem to float upside down when they're dead :)

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jackmancer2017's picture

ah of course, didn't think of that. maybe it's me knowing to little bout fish or maybe it's not clear ;p but yeh ur right heh.

Blair Semenoff's picture

Ya they flip upside down when they're dead and I like the sms donating too.

Blair Semenoff
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Guest's picture

sorry. done for raid.

Guest's picture

This is crap, period.

Scam Detector's picture

No, it isn't.

Your comment is, unless you explain why you think this ad is crap.

Scam Detector
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Gilbert Berkam's picture

I like it

Gilbert Berkam
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Guest's picture

done twice. At least. For Surfrider Foundation first, a few years ago.

jdog's picture

Funny how most of the guest commentators on this site are always the biggest bastards. Very simple idea. Great execution.

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The Firehouse
Guest's picture

I hate being from teh done crwod. I really do:

rainbow's picture

simply said. nice.

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Guest's picture

Not a terrible idea. But I love how it takes seven photos to show that you need to turn it upside down.

samwanzer28's picture

Been done before? No problem if the idea pushes through.

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que sera sera

Guest's picture

I like it. Very clever.

Marmelad's picture

This one is really really good.

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