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February 2010
WWF:  Crossword, Panda


Print advertisement created by DDB, Hong Kong for WWF, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


They are looking to you for the answers.
Help them by supporting the WWF forest conservation programme. To make a donation, call 2526 1011 or go to:

Advertising Agency: DDB Hong Kong
Executive Creative Director: Jeffry Gamble
Creative Directors: O Poon
Art Director: O Poon
Copywriter: Paul Chan
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sandhya rao's picture

??? dont wanna comment

sandhya rao
Activity Score 217
salamandos's picture


Activity Score 1947
Art Director
Hibon's picture

Nice rating... but not great.(something missing here)

Activity Score 3734

Simple ideas are the best !

satrianee's picture

maybe it is that: there is nothing missing here... the puzzle already 's been solved..

Activity Score 3746
alexander.borges's picture

No it hasn't. Its a crossword puzzle with all of the answers missing i.e. not solved.

Activity Score 26
satrianee's picture

maybe it is that: there is nothing missing here... the puzzle already 's been solved..

Activity Score 3746
Gualcor's picture

Es como un buscaminas

Activity Score 978

Stay low, move fast. Kill first, die last. 1 shot 1 kill, not luck, just skill.

sloppy4's picture

they may be looking for me, but they found a bad idea.

Activity Score 1492
xcreativity's picture

i think the crossword idea could be used better

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=== Looking for concept/art creative to form a team to work in independent advertising projects. ===

Alexandre Brito
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daniel_glezmilan's picture

Another panda, polar bear, etc., campaign fot this kind of communication.

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Copywriter at |

pez's picture

as an art director, let me just say that O Poon has made a great work, sadly the visual doesn't show all the work behind it because is not that attractive and probably that's why the ad doesn't work that well...after that i'm tired too, of seeing this ads allways with the same animals...

Activity Score 1804
Creative Director
franktrana's picture

I like the approach. Makes me stop because of the technique used. Sadly not the animals. But its something with them...

Activity Score 99
Art Director at HK Advertisingbureau |

Hiperion's picture

another panda in another WWF ad...

Activity Score 3138
Creative Director at zinkproject Valencia
Imagepro's picture

Why do they only care about the big animals, hundreds species dies every day in the amazonas jungle. Give us something that reminds us of what's going on. The big animals are for seaworld..

Activity Score 112
Art Director
Brooklander's picture

It doesn't look anything like a crossword.

Activity Score 42
Art Director
talkingisfree's picture

No good.

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Art Director
mikeelrapido's picture

Crossword idea is used to many times..

Activity Score 1929
Copywriter at Evo S.C. |


sandhya rao's picture

??? dont wanna comment

sandhya rao
Activity Score 217
sloppy4's picture

so why did you?

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ek kanya's picture

ok. nice hard work on the art.

ek kanya
Activity Score 814

am an advertising junkie | read my flog at

NikkiS's picture

I think they could use the idea better, but it's ok, not a bad work! And for a very good cause.

Activity Score 9
Creative Director
theanc's picture

Liked it.

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Art Director at Grey Brazil |

silvi's picture

I want a little more emotion in WWF campaigns! You can do it! This is so cold.

Activity Score 4170
Dev Kumar's picture

No question about it mate. You love your pandas. You love the polar bears of Siberia on your north, the whales of the Pacific Ocean on your east and have nothing but voracious appetite for our tigers to your south. Just thank your lucky stars that we don't have any appetite for your pandas. Now don't argue with that Chinaman 'cause you've got it right between your eyes this time.

Dev Kumar
Activity Score 834
Copywriter at Mumbai
tchifi's picture

yeah, lacks emotion, and yes the same animals are always being used.

Activity Score 164
Creative Director
Sven Gali's picture

Old stick. I like it

Sven Gali
Activity Score 845
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