Comic Noir, Tiger

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June 2010
WWF:  Comic Noir, Tiger


Print advertisement created by Leo Burnett, Spain for WWF, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Madrid, Spain
Executive Creative Director: Chacho Puebla
Creative Director: Francisco Cassis, Sergio Lobo
Copywriter: Francisco Cassis
Art director: Alejandro Hernán
Creative Advisor: Tura
Ilustrator: Deja Vu Collective
Account director: Ricardo Del Campo
Account supervisor: Carmen Corujo
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Snoop Addy Ad's picture

This is the one a like the most!
What a fresh way to talk about the problem... 'never seen it before =)

Snoop Addy Ad
Activity Score 61
Creative Director
TommyO's picture

I love the art.

Activity Score 1802
Copywriter |

That's me!

TSD Agency's picture

Entertaining but not social, as for me....

TSD Agency
Activity Score 741
Chief Creative Officer at Tough Slate Design, Kyiv, Ukraine |

pulchinela's picture

it is a reality, not a movie

Activity Score 1163
bad astronaut's picture

it's not a movie either genius, it's for a comic book event.

I like the art direction, but WWF never understands the seriousness of their causes.

bad astronaut
Activity Score 528
Hibon's picture

How many ad's should we doo more until we start saving Tigers, Pandas, etc ? ... This will be one more on the list... agree with rurorjuror this work is "Entertaining but not social".

Activity Score 3666

Simple ideas are the best !

Reality Check's picture

Lighthearted fun. Which is precisely the problem.

Reality Check
Activity Score 2487
gcasidyny's picture

It's a campaign specially made for a comic show, come on!
It's a different approach with a tone that I'm sure worked a 100% with the comic fans.
For me, it's really cool!

Activity Score 86
Ahmed Bahaa's picture


Ahmed Bahaa
Activity Score 394
Art Director at Saatchi & Saatchi |

Ahmed Bahaa

alexhernan's picture

Amazing art. I like it very much the idea of use this in the comic shows.

Activity Score 23
Art Director
Sr. Rushmore's picture

qué chulas las ilustraciones!!!!!!
hablando de "comic noir", aquí os dejo el link de lo que Marvel va a hacer con Spiderman y este movimiento.

Sr. Rushmore
Activity Score 83
Guest's picture

i like the campaign and the illustrations are really good

Minerva Pinto's picture

The illustrations in this campaign are impressive!

Minerva Pinto
Activity Score 1392
Bryn Mawr College
marcellod's picture

very eye-catching and relevant for the comic fans.

Activity Score 60
Guest's picture

it’s so superficial. seems to be just an art direction exercize.
do you think it’s enought to treat an environment issue in a different style to have a winner campaign?

Guest's picture

i'm a comic freak and I love it!

Dzsoi's picture

Have you joined or supported wwf?

Activity Score 8563
Guest's picture

i think this campaign works. Yes, it is enterteinment but it makes you think about it. I mean, you didn't laugh when you looked at it, did you?

Smore's picture

Love the illustrations

Activity Score 54
Art Director at Oxygen Communications
Dreambang's picture

Illustration is very nice..

Activity Score 231
Creative Director at India |


burnbabyburn's picture

it's a ghost

Activity Score 14
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