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linhua96's picture

good idea,i like it!

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Art Director at artist
linhua96's picture

good idea,i like it!

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Art Director at artist
alterego13's picture

I think all you guys are losing it. Come on how many times should an idea be repeated before you all go, wow! You are doing more harm than good by saying nice things about this campaign.

andrej dwin's picture

ok. the idea isn't completely new. but then again, there's maybe 3 totally novel ideas each year, so unless we won't talk about advertising a lot, we should be pleased by above-the-average ads.
also I like the art direction on this one.
which brings me to what I don't like about it. they could've think of better situations/job couples. this one for instance works only on the surface (a blade vs. a blade), but there surely are some examples where the metaphor goes deeper.
*the best skate/snow/surfing videos and pictures.
*updated daily!

andrej dwin
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Copywriter at Publicis Austria |

AdArena: Sex Sells

pinelight's picture

Yeahh I also like it, It may serves me right now ! 555

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JaneD's picture

always was a good idea...nice campaign

axelk's picture

very very good. nice photography, nice art direction

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sherman's picture

haha this idea of had also shown as a tv ad in hong kong.
the funniest thing is the next guy immediately wiped out the shaving cream when he saw this.

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lnmurthy's picture

Good idea and nice execution. Excellent!!

Rajib's picture

Good Idea. Like it.

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Art Director |

<<.... Method in Madness ....>>

returntosender's picture

wow! all those people agree on that...there's something that smell here.
and nobody knows from which agency it comes from...

just to be different, the old good strategy "being caught in the wrong place" is....old.
easy way man. I bet it will never win anything.

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Art Director
Pacific Blue's picture

Good Photography.
Good Art.
The idea is ok, nothing new or awesome, just correct, that's all.
I don't understand so many excitement about this ...

Well, thats my opinion,
my humble and not necessary unfalible opinion.


Pacific Blue
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Art Director |

/// The clock is laughing in my face ///


Pacific Blue hit all the nails on their heads there.

I agree.

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Other |

We're going to need more lube.

Toni's picture

I really like these but I think for example it's made obvious by giving the guy a chef's uniform. I think just the knife would have been enough.

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Art Director at Art director
Spanky's picture

nice photography/retouching (mostly the retouching). i have a feeling this look is going to get old fast, but it works for now. other than that, the idea is a little weak.

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benedict0007's picture

same campaign TVC from JWT Hong Kong:

Guest's picture

jwt hong kong got the script from jwt delhi..the account is handled out of delhi for the entire asia pac region. the film ran in india for a year before it was re-made and run in the region.

DarkSide's picture

Very good art direction.

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Guest's picture

ideas come in many forms, able to bring this ad out is perhaps the finest of them.

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