September 2007



In the name of ensuring stability and harmony in the country during the 2008 Olympic Games, the Chinese Government continues to detain and harass political activists, journalists, lawyers and human rights workers. Get involved: www.amnesty.sk

Advertising Agency: MUW Saatchi & Saatchi, Slovakia
Creative Director: Rasto Michalik
Art Director: Radim Blaho
Copywriters / Idea: Peter Izo, Matus Svirloch
Photographer: Miso Bak
Production Company: Hitchhiker
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Kick arse.

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>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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you can don't care china government, but you must hold chinese in esteem!
if you from saatchi!

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OMG! Do we honestly need to see these [edited by admin for foul language] over and over again?! We should definitely ban political/religious Ads here! Have those "creative" people ever f**king been to China? WTF do they know about the country? I used to have the same wrong opinion until I actually went there and listened to the people. You just can't trust Google search results these days! Go there and see for yourself!

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I lived in China and spoke to ppl. I know what you mean.

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Propaganda works like magic on those who lives by the television.

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I wish everything was allright in China. Though I have never been there, I'm not sure if there's everything allright. what about Tibet e.g. - isn't that against human rights my friend? Dalailama has to live in exile...

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So we can't trust Amnesty International, Reporters without Borders, Human Rights Watch, HRIC or USCIRF or the United Nations ?
Are you seriously saying all these organisations are wrong ? Please get informed (by non Chinese sources if possible)
One thing is clear you can't trust Google in China : http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/4645596.stm (if you live in china this will probably not come up) google has censored itself for the chinese market.

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No one says their government is perfect dude,it's just that they have more important things to worry about; If you actually go their and ask the people what they really want at the moment, I guarantee you only rich people jumps out and ask for "freedom" and "democracy". What more could you ask for when the government is still struggling with feeding 1.6 billion people? China is changing, just be patient.

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- - No Comment.

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China bashing = en vogue 's picture

Something is wrong with the execution. The guy being beat up looks like a chinese while the other guy looks like a non-asian. So, chinese man get his ass kicked by whitey and whitey blame this on cn. gov?

Oh, look, a whitey just fart, blame this on china.

China bashing =...
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Just my 2 cents, but i feel the reason why people perceive the ads as non-asian people beating up the chinese is because chinese people have been branded, should I say "inferior" as compared to non-asians. I do not think they would put a non-chinese as the one beating up the chinese dude. It would dismiss the point of the ads. They people beating up the clearly chinese dudes do look very 'asian'-ish. In my opinion are definately chinese as well.

So when 'China bashing = en vogue' says:

"So, chinese man get his ass kicked by whitey and whitey blame this on cn. gov?"

I feel this is quite jibberish =)

One thing to add about China though, there is no freedom of religion there. Im not too sure about other religions, but Christianity is banned over there. Christians practice their religion underground over there.
Thats all, thanks. God bless the activist who are treated unfairly in China and the rest of the World. Sorry if my opinions have offended anyone =) your comments are welcomed

Malaysian Chinese
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well this may be sponsored by the US gov.
The bushanians like to mess with everyone all around, that may be why there is a white guy beating a chinese.

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China and United States of America are the great human right violators. Both kill inocent people, even americans kill poeple who mantain their productivity: immigrants. The good preacher begin by his house.

Ramón Cruz
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you think, that there is everything all right...?


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it's astonishing how many people think that just because China is attempting to fix itself economically, it has some sort of magic sanction for gross absence of human rights.

How is it OK to squash dissenting opinions just because you have an economic agenda? That is an intellectually and morally bankrupt approach to the China issue. We're not talking about the government ignoring a few problems while it marches on the road to economic well-being; we are talking about a government that actively institutes brutal repression, secret police numbering in the hundreds of thousands, zero freedom, heavy censorship (including of the Internet), kangaroo courts, etc.

So many people and especially countries bow and scrape before China because they are the economic powerhouse of the future. Everyone seems to get so starry-eyed about China's growth and its potential, while rarely considering the breaches of human rights that take place there, which are on a par with Russia! Even worse than Russia, if you consider that China's refusal to address the Burmese problem is essentially what allowed the military rulers there to brutally stomp on the recent protests.

It's therefore fascinating that these ads bring these matters to the fore. Shock communications. It will be interesting to see where and if they are published.

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I am part of Amnesty International. Do you know the total of people sentenced to the the death penalty in China? In 2007, Amnesty International recorded 470 executions, but this is an absolute minimum, based on publicly available reports. The US-based Dui Hua Foundation estimates that 6,000 people were executed that year, based on figures obtained from local officials. The official statistics on death sentences and executions are classified as state secrets. Do you think this is right? Not only do the world not know when people die by this penalty, but the prisoners on Death Row are not told the date of their execution, and nor are their families. Just think- how would you feel if you son or daughterwas sentenced to death but you would never know the date of their deaths or how they were buried. Just think...

Amnsety Member
Kylenator's picture

Amnesty International and other such organized crime syndicates like Greenpeace seem to have a good mission but their ideas have become too warped nowadays. Greenpeace would rather kill a ship full of humans than allow them to go whaling. Jackasses. Amnesty International should take their nose out of the olympics. Damn it Irene! People just wanna take part, host and spectate a sporting event. You don't have to bring in stuff about how unfair China can be or why Tibet isn't free. Forget all that shiz. Lets just watch sports!

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Great concept. I have been noticing a lot of A.I. design lately. There is some really top notch stuff that comes out of their studios. Keep it up!

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