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Ok, What?

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You dont smoke cigarettes, cigarattes smoke you

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// Advertising is beautiful

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Can neone translate the copy???????

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"You don´t smoke cigarettes, cigarettes smoke you."

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"OK, now let's make an ad with naked people!!!"

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I think it's supposed to be a jab at how the public once viewed smoking as cool, attractive or sexy without being aware of what it did to the body.

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to be from brazil, is a really very bad art direction, saddly, coult be better, overwise is a good idea,

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I don´t like it. This title was on a student portfolio two years ago, with a different art direction. Too bad.

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idea is there, but i agree with dannyvall, if this is from brasil, the art direction should be kick-ass...very disappointing...

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;-\ like the line.. not sure of art

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she's nude and she seems to be hot as an erupting volcano.
it's great since i have a volcano fetish, but i don't like girls doing the adolf.

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For all you creative cripples out there, the image is of a smoldering cigerette end.
I like it.!

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ah, hehe, sorry but you're wrong.
it's referring to the famous brazilian proverb, "beware of girls who are as hot as erupting volcano, you might burn your ninho". a loose translation, my portuguese isn't that good, my english neither.
the proverb means that girls are nice and everything but you have to be careful as soon as they're doing the adolf, you might burn your fingers on their hot hips.
you're welcome my friend, don't be ashamed, it even happened to me once that i misinterpreted an ad, I think it was an ad for abrasive sludge or something.

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I'm afraid that it's you who is wrong. Your interpretation makes no sense. That proverb doesn't relate to this ad at all. sorry.

It doesn't affect me that this girl smokes. She's the one smoking, she's the one that's going to be burned up. The message is directed at the smoker herself - she's not smoking the cigarette, the cigarette is smoking her. I'm not sure how you came to the conclusion you did.

PaulyG_fill in ...
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Not the best communication. However good it looks is irrelevant and subjective, if the concept is weak, as is the case here then it counts for shit!

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We're going to need more lube.

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Why is she worried in covering her tits?? She has a huge burning hole to worry about!!

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marko vuorensola
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