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September 2007
 White sheet
 White sheet



To find out if you have breast cancer, press your breasts against these pages.
Surprisingly, a discharge from the nipples can also be a sign of cancer. Often, it leaves a pale yellow or reddish stain on the bra. Other signs include a rash, lump and dimpling of the skin. Breast cancer affects women of all ages, so it's best to self-examine your breasts regularly and see your doctor for a mammogram. To know more, call The Breast Cancer Welfare Association at 03-79540133 or visit

Advertising Agency: Arc Worldwide / Leo Burnett Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Creative Directors: Theresa Tsang
Art Directors: Theresa Tsang, Jay Yuen
Copywriters: Ramanjit Singh Gulati, Benjamin Woo
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Sophie's picture

I tried to do that against the screen here in the office and got horny.

Dalbir Singh's picture

Reminds me of a similar anti-dandruff shampoo ad several years back that used a full black page ad.

Dalbir Singh
Activity Score 552
Creative Director |


justpassingby's picture

im just picturing a woman on a bus or in a waiting room pressing one of her breasts on the magazine.

Activity Score 1368
Ad Junkie At Large's picture

hahaha it's the same girl who loudly rubs perfume samples on her neck, only far more rediculous.

Ad Junkie At Large
Activity Score 554
Art Director
willy's picture

Nice. Women definitely wont press their breasts on the magazine but they will get the point that discharge can also mean breast cancer. i dont think many women would know that.

Jean_BR's picture

my thoughts exactly.

Activity Score 48

// Advertising is beautiful

Sophie's picture

I tried to do that against the screen here in the office and got horny.

itch's picture

nice concept! n yea, i do agree with willy. not many would know this ad kinda works.

Activity Score 806
Graphic Designer |

* it's not how good you are. it's how good you want it to be *

jules2's picture

i like it. it informs and educates women in an intriguing way. dalbir, comparing it to the anti-dandruff ad is like saying every double spread ad that interacts with you is the same.

tantrik_indian's picture

This is not an ad which will work in a conventional sense. The headlines and text should have been bigger. The idea here is for idea's sake - not for better response.
~~be cool eh!~~

Activity Score 953
Copywriter |

~~this paranoid survived!~~

rupert james's picture

Jules, no it isn't. Dalbir's correct in pointing out that this ad uses the same creative mechanism and a very similar execution.

rupert james
Activity Score 24
Creative Director
vicky89's picture

Does anyone know when this was published?

Activity Score 12
student |

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