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that's really funny

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Clear and nice idea. Looks good. Like it.
But it also says: "Bose Noise reduction kills".

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No way!.....Man! .. It's funny...don't take it seriously.

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you sir, are an idiot

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Agreed. It does say this product can kill you.

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original doodles + creative sweat = thinkingfresh.ca

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I like

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Paddling down Niagra Falls kills you. Not headphones. I don't think it will deter people from buying.

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david copperfield survived. unfortunately.

^^ nice ads

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It really says 'Bose Kills'. Not a good ad for the brand itself, but maybe for the shows.
True, they are all funny and interesting ; but some how something is wrong. ( May be a line that warns people in a funny way). Don get me wrong guys , I do get the funny part of these exaggerations. But exaggerations don't do justice to a brand always.

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Agree to Mo, it is funny but it doesn't bring effects on promoting the brand, if can be execute in lots more casual/happy but same funny way with the same concept then that bring more impact perhaps.

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http://jennywhx.blogspot.com jwhx:Visionary

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A humourous situation in a day to day life which is concerned to noise
pollution in traffic, at wrk with the big mouthed boss, etc etc can also be
thought of rite..? The above one looks like an accident more than a neccesity
with a humourous twist....... :D

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"It really says 'Bose Kills'."

C'mon. It is a provocative ad, but who is really thinking that if you 'd be at the Niagara you wouldn't hear it? It is just a funny viusalization of the noise reduction message... I wish all clients would be so brave like Bose.

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Well said. This is good clean fun. No one in their right mind is going to take this literally. Some of you are acting like bad clients right now.

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these ads emphasize why you shouldn't use these headphones instead of showing why you should(remember the sony ads for a similar product).so they say don't buy them because you can end up like this.

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I never got "BOSE KILLS" out of it... I just think it's funny. And it gets the message across.

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bose kills???
arent you guys over intellectualising this simple ad just a little bit too much?
its ok, so so...i think its cool.
dont think bose would have ever bought it in a million years though.
they're a company with the tagline "better sound through research" which is sad and boring for such an awesome brand.

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You are taking comedy too seriously (the one´s that interpret that Bose kills).

Down with taboos.

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It's a funny ad, and I have to agree with those who see it as surprising coming out of such a staid outfit as BOSE. But while I don't hang completely with the "Bose kills" interpretation, I think there's an unintended suggestion here. As the data begin to pour in on hearing loss in teenagers--both incidence and severity--we have to worry about the technology that allows us to blow out our own eardrums without irritating anyone else. My interpretation sees a catastrophe symbolized. The guy's not going over the falls, but he is losing his hearing. Context changes the ad.

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who is the advertisement agents

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This is certainly one of the best ads Bose has ever created. Funny and creative. I like it

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Come on guys, this is lame. Student work.

Felipe Ribeiro
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