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bad executions.

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I am a student.

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i like the idea
but visual in not good


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I think you got it the other way around...

There is NO idea here.

Jet Propulsion Lab
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Oh Claudi,... das hat leider schon mal Silber in Cannes gewonnen... Sorry. Liebe Grüße, der Nachbar!

Fabian Kirner
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Creative Director
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Executions are actually quite nice. The idea is...well...seems to have gone with the wind. And the copy...???

You can do something against water waste.
Register now to make our world a better place.
My Creative Director has a pretty face.
Please help with me with my shoe lace.

Sorry for being weird. But am I the only one here who feels something has gone terribly wrong with the copy here! Or is it lost in translation?

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I rest my case?

Jet Propulsion Lab
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panasit's picture

For people who likes to conserve water like me, it's a disturbing sight to have water running down the drain for no reason. BUT, for people who doesn't care about conserving water, it won't disturb them, and neither will this ad.

So, it solves nothing in terms of concept....if it was a photograph, BUT, it's instead hand drawn.

It has nice art... and there's a web site URL there which I direct my eyes too the first time I see the ad and I was curious. I hate to be the one with unpopular opinion, but I think this ad works.

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--good idea is enemy of great idea

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