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July 2010
Warner / Sherlock:  3


Print advertisement created by Escala, Brazil for Warner, within the category: Media.


Apparently you and your boss used to get along. Until something cooled the relationship, probably the day you were caught watching a film in the company’s computer during working hours. It is a matter of time until I get fired, you must have thought, and as you got nothing to lose you decided to act quickly. Two days later, which is revealed by the red circle on the calendar on your desk, you waited for everyone to leave the office. As usual, your boss is the last one to leave and you needed to be sure there would be no witnesses. In an impetuous gesture, you entered his office. He was caught by surprise and since coldness is one of your traits you must have said nothing at the time. Everything was perfect, but you didn’t expect a small detail: the cleaning lady went back to get her bag and saw you and your boss watching a film in his office. It looked like a detective story.
We deduce you will love it.
Available in DVD and Blu-ray.

Advertising Agency: Escala, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Getulio Albrecht
Art Director: Silvio Moreno
Copywriter: Heitor Bisi
Producers: Gabriela Grazziotin, Mafê Massoni
Media: Cláudia Ferreira Paim
Account Manager: Raquel Konen
Art Buyer: Marina Pimentel
Photographer: Alê Torres - PICT
Image Retouch: PICT
Lettering Design: Andréa Branco
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Good job, congratulations!

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its awesome!

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find the culprit. someone in that team must have thought viewers have the time to read all these

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Maybe viewers should read more, everyone got A D D these days and want visual this and visual that. Reading more than 3 words is good for you.

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because therefore it is

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I read the whole thing and still... yuck.

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