Clockwork Orange

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October 2008
VS Digital:  Clockwork Orange


Print advertisement created by Martins + Andrade, Brazil for VS Digital, within the category: Professional Services.


Unforgettable colors.

Advertising Agency: Martins + Andrade, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Creative Director: Gerson Lattuada
Art Director: Gustavo Panichi
Copywriter: Tiago Canto
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im blue daba dee

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Copywriter at E Torres Publicidad |

we are the champions my friends

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I'm curious about something. Is this kind of cultural reference still working? Yeah, great film and all that, but it's also 40 years old and not quite the echo on the radar it once was.

The ad itself? Eh. Nothing special. But I wonder if the core concept holds up as well as the CD thinks it might.

STRTLRS's picture

Forgettable campaign. By the way, they dropped the "A" in the film's title.

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storytellers. |

I think, therefore... yeah.

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Baita chatos esses gringos.

Dr. Dedo Verde
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Unemployed |

Dr. Dedo Verde
Relax. All ads of the world's done.

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Agree for this ad.


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Other |


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yawn! nice wallpaper though.. if thats what you meant the ad to be. waste of bandwidth! take it off.

Guest commenter
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Awn, come one!! Where the hell is Barão Vermelho!!!

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I'm in the mood for a tolchok.

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Guest commenter
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your 5 years behind. the exact same concept was used in a series of ads that won in the international level about 5 years ago. can't find it on the web, but they used clockwork orange, and two other popular culture color related title references for the exact same concept.

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Exactly. Nice idea. Bad timing.

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come on!! this aint stretching the mind in any direction other than the tea break. whats so speacial about it, a colour with a word? the association is supposed to be, "Wow, i got the connection"? wtf! make us work for the benefit. not complete the circle then expect us to be thankful. its dire. real cheap and nasty. make us work at solving the ads please. this is international brain damage!

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unforgettable campaign.

Guest commenter
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