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December 2009
Volkswagen:  Roadrunner
Volkswagen Print Ad -  Roadrunner

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Advertising Agency: La Mesa, Santiago, Chile

Print advertisement created by La Mesa, Chile for Volkswagen, within the category: Automotive.

Regional Executive Creative Director: Sebastian Katz
Creative Group Head / Copywriter: Raul Torres
Art Director: Cristián Guerrero
Copywriter: Claudio Díaz
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bobby666's picture

sorry buddies. did not get it. can someone please transalte the copy in english.

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RMG Connect, India
KESHAV's picture

me too

Activity Score 149
Creative Director at rediffusion-yr
Publiz's picture

I Don't understand even if the illustration and graphics are wonderful.

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Inspiration graphique et publicité créative : Publiz

Tipsy_Gypsy's picture

maybe it means the fella that chases the roadrunner got himself that car, thus the roadrunner doesn't run anymore and now he's a fat bird

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Canterbury University
Prof's picture

"thats all folks" thats what the line says

but the concept is still wtf, and the illustrations make me feel like im watching some very trashy nikelodeon cartoon.

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Copywriter |

Quite really.

the_lizard_king's picture

ITs just tht these cartoon characters ... Roadrunner and speedy are really fast and no one can ever catch them. N our "Hero" Volkswagen golf GTI is giving them a run at their own game. Thats the ad according to me. Good thought. N nice execution. I like it!

Activity Score 1257
Copywriter at Forecast advertising |

And then GOD said...
Let there be creativity!!!

alexander_bickov's picture

Roadrunner no longer running :)

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nemesis's picture

these are very very bad...

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Creative Director
maxiiphemmy's picture

i just don't UNDERSTAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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silvi's picture

Bad copy. bad idea. Good ilustration.

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bad astronaut's picture

I'm guessing the cartoon icons are feeling depressed because they are no longer the fastest things on animation paper. It doesn't feel like an ad, I wonder what's VW's justification for okaying this ad.

bad astronaut
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satrianee's picture

this campaign could be a very tricky exam question at the academy... if you are a mean professor.

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satrianee's picture

this campaign could be a very tricky exam question at the academy... if you are a mean professor.

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Migzter13's picture

argh... couldn't get it. Does it mean the car's fast enough to make quick looney tunes characters obsolete?

Activity Score 973
Graphic Designer at De La Salle University, Manila |

Stop Mediocrity. Start Creativity.
There are two kinds of people in the world; people who like mustangs (cool people) and people who like camaros (idiots).

mark3r's picture

This ad makes no sense. 4 stars for illustration. Waste of art.

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Art Director at Scout
willy wonka's picture

Bad idea, excellent ilustration

willy wonka
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evikRAM's picture

goog illustration.
dont understand theame..

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Administrative |

!! जय श्रीराम !!

Foxley's picture

"Eso es todo amigos" means "That's all, folks" ... I think it's kinda comparison - roadrunner looks like this, next to Golf... i might be wrong, execution is really cool, but idea not very clever...

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hari.'s picture

wile. e. coyote got himself a brand new VW Golf GTI

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Copywriter at S&S |

Thats Some Bad Hat, Harry

Blashyrkh's picture

Roadrunner doesn't run on the road anymore because there is a Golf GTI around occupying the road.

Anyway this doesn't show any benefit from the car. Saved by the illustration.

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Art Director
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