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June 2018
Volkswagen: Motherboard, 2


In this opportunity this print campaign that is being published in newspapers and magazines and also outdoor, aims to a young target since this target are those who handle the great fields in Argentina today. These young people, called by us: "Rural Millennials," are those who use technology for the full operation of the field.

This pickup is your best ally since it has all 4x4 capabilities but with high technology and it's in it, where these young people feel the affinity with the product.

In the executions we try that at first sight you see a field in a aerial way but when looking closely, we see that it is a Motherboard, this double game manages to have exactly our concept which is: “Amarok 4x4. In the technology field."

Print advertisement created by Geometry Global, Argentina for Volkswagen, within the category: Automotive.


Amarok V6 4x4. In the technology field.

Advertising Agency: Geometry, Argentina
Chief Creative Officer: Tony Waissmann
Creative Directors: María Luján Donaire, Hernán Damilano
Art Director: Santiago Castro
Copywriter: Paula Carboni
Illustrator: Esteban Ponce
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Levrain's picture

ABC of car advertisments: show the car!!
Sorry but this print ain´t transmit the power of a 4x4

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We are what we create

Watch_123's picture

maybe the car could have been shown going through those streets...
but anyway, if the idea is showing power or relate technology to the power of the car I agree with Levrain.
PS. The terrain is too plain for this sort of car beast. A urban car seems more appropriate.

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kleenex's picture

This would have been a better ad for an electric truck right???

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