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September 2017
Vogue: Bacio!
Vogue Print Ad - Bacio!


Embracing the idea of love, unity, and inclusivity, this editorial depicts an eclectic group united by a kiss. Inspired by reportage photography, a loose narrative communicates the power of love through emotionally resonant and saturated imagery. As not all kisses are alike, the images too depict a wide range of emotions. There is, after all, a large distance between ‘il bacetto’ (a little kiss used as a gesture of friendship and intimacy) and ‘il bacio’ (a romantic kiss), and the photographed scenarios created by Mert and Marcus reflect as much. Although the kiss is not uniquely Italian, what the action itself embodies is perhaps more relevant now than ever both for Italy as a culture and the world at large, as the Italian Parliament sanctioned a new law legalizing same-sex civil unions in late 2016.
The cover directly addresses this cultural shift, featuring a gatefold cover layout of three distinct scenarios that convey an all-encompassing expression of equality and love.

Print advertisement created by GB65, Italy for Vogue, within the category: Media.

Advertising Agency: GB65, Italy
Creative Director: Giovanni Bianco
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