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January 2010
Vodafone:  Communicate clearly
Vodafone Print Ad -  Communicate clearly


In 2009, Vodafone won the much-publicised annual test of German mobile communications networks for voice and data connectivity, conducted by Connect magazine. We wanted to tell our target group about this in a vivid and offbeat ad.

Print advertisement created by Scholz & Friends, United Kingdom for Vodafone, within the category: Fashion.

Advertising Agency: Scholz & Friends NRW, Duesseldorf, Germany
Managing Director: Niels Alzen, Raphael Brinkert
Creative Director Art: Alexander Hansen
Art Director: Pia Niehues
Copywriter: Leander Schmalfuß
Management Supervisor: Bastian Kühl
Junior Account Manager: Melanie Stein
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Hiperion's picture

i dont get it..
can you explain, please?

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Creative Director at zinkproject Valencia
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Tero Ylitalo
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Wolfgang's picture

cool. i got this.

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Art Director
john doe's picture

Delta-Oscar Bravo-Echo-Tango-Tango-Echo-Romeo Alfa-Delta-Sierra!

john doe
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okmar's picture

Excellent! Love it

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bubblestheclownfish's picture

A clever idea, but with no resolution unfortunately. Are we to believe Vodafone makes it harder to communicate because we are using the NATO phonetic alphabet in this ad? Or are they suggesting that Vodafone makes it easier to communicate? If so - what's their solution to the problem? As I said, it's clever - it just doesn't tell us anything.

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Creative Director
beingofageoldgrace's picture

no syr, thats cryptic

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alejulimaty's picture

smart, makes you find the message

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brother buenos aires
Hibon's picture

Clever ad for "madman's" not sure if this work's on "normalman's" .

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Simple ideas are the best !

shahidali's picture

The people working for FBI should be able to decode it.
I'm not against out of the box thing but it has to be be effective.
all i see is that it takes a form of riddle and the code breaking is generating a bare minimum WOM among some teenagers.

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Dhaka, Bangladesh |


hilazon's picture

very clever, i like it a lot.
too bad it's a one shot.

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Holly Boy
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joost's picture

Love this. They actually make you want to understand.

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