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November 2017
Visine: See More.. - Alaa


Everybody has their own stories, Eyes are the most powerful feature that someone has, they tell the whole story . Whenever people look at portraits they head straight to the
eyes. If they don’t see the eyes, they don’t know the story, and they don’t see the person so the vision is never completed. We tried to make people curious by pixalizing the most
important feature in a person’s face and it’s their eyes. And by doing that we grabbed the viewer’s attention to the product “ VISINE ” , we choose the slogan see more , and we choose to put it on the pixilated area in order to remove it by using the product. ​

Print advertisement created by Helwan University, Egypt for Visine, within the category: Health.


Visine Eye drops..See more.

Advertising School: Applied Arts / Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt
Creative Director / Art Director / Copywriter / Illustrator: Zainab Yasser Yasseen
Photographer: Steven Samy
Additional Credits: Alaa El Din Yasseen, Rehab Saad, Ahmed Salama, Ruba Abubakr, Mohammad Tarek, Mirna Aboud
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