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April 2012
Vigineo:  Henry


Print advertisement created by Ogilvy, France for Vigineo, within the category: Professional Services.


Because you can't always trust luck

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Paris, France
Executive Creative Director: Chris Garbutt
Art Directors / Copywriters: Florian Bodet, Nicolas Lautier, Baptiste Clinet
Photographer: Patrick Messina
Illustrator / Typographer: Mr. Messy
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Creative Director at DDB hong Kong
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very clean & creative idea

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Creative Director at India |

Designer Don't Do Different Things
They Do Things Differently

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Though the execution is same but the linking should be admired. Luck = Crossfinger = Mishap

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Graphic Designer at Linc Pen & Plastics Limited
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its a copycat

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Art Director at xxx |

one should not take life so seriously - as one will not come out of it alive.

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Sushil one interesting thing you will also note about OOOOOO(h)gilvy work especially its a feature of Ogilvy India - most of the time only their people praise and admire their work in comment section. Don't know why they are afraid to accept others reviews. Even you can check last ads of OOOOO(h)gilvy India and you will see same comments by same people. Infact some people of their pet words and they repeat so. Seems OOOOO(h)gilvy India has hired few guys for this purpose. THOUGH UNDOUBTEDLY SOME OF THEIR WORK ARE VERY GOOD THAT I CAN'T DENY OR DEFY

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Ad Analyst
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@sushil it seems you have had a rough experience there..but ill say this is a part and parcel of life.. and may be it can be a turning event in your life - rejected by sime big heavyweights - its not that only you have been a victim of "i've high status so be careful" but in early stage most of the guys have to suffer..it applies on me too and all whom i know in adworld surrounding me...may be the pressure of agency keeps haunting everyone for different reason...regarding politics - i guess where ever humane will be it will be present there..but at higher level like Ogilvy - they should manintain standards...i know decisions are in few hands there or everywhere...anyway chill - life is full of joys some better than what we always sought - one more thing..look how on ur one comment (and mine too) some SACRILEGEND OMG A LEGEND CAME IN DEFENCE.....hehhee.......he says we are missiong the point - abey sirf hum nhi sab miss kar rhe hai or jab sab kar rhe hai to communication to hua nahi bhai...koi samajhao legend bhai saab ko...anyway no personal enmity AS HE IS LEGEND IN HIMSELF

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Ad Analyst
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This is copycat of things that you can see all around the web.
So bad.

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Art Director
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interesting execution. but... that is all

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not new

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Art Director at Philippines
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While the art is derivative, I think most of you are missing the point. The fingers here are only a medium; what's inspired is the way they used a universal symbol for hoping for luck (crossing your fingers), juxtaposed with the threat of death.

I can understand your eagerness to jump to "DONE" and "COPIED," given the art... but that's only a third of the story. This is quite clever.

EDIT: Oh lord. I just realized I commented on a controversial piece with 3 pencils to my name. ::sigh:: Rest assured, I am in no way associated with this work. Simply a long-time lurker.

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so Mr. Sacrilegend - only we are not missing the point, as of whole except you guys - and for rest its copied -so its clear - communication failed. anyway im saying all this in healthy spirit - keep producing some rocking ads if you are from OOOOO(H)gilvy...FINALLY - OH LORD THANKS ATLEAST SOMEBODY CAME IN DEFENCE "A FEW GOOD MEN"

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Ad Analyst
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nice even if it is not new.

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Web Designer/Developer
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sad to know!

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Art Director at UK |


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Nice !!!!

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Graphic Designer at DUBAI |


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Nice, simple , creative and good execution.

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I get the luck yeah but I do not get the two dudes. Why? Its like playing angel and devil and the devil shutting the other guy up (been done up to the tits). And this luck has to do with home security? Whats luck got to do with security? This is shit.

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because therefore it is

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Creative Director
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I prefer to be a dog.

Fernando Montero
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The finger drawings? Seriously? Our industry has to stop stealing from random people who come up with something fun and ruin it by commercializing it.

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Art Director
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