Knockout, Guy, 2

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July 2011
Vick:  Knockout, Guy, 2


Print advertisement created by Publicis, Brazil for Vick, within the category: Health.


Don't let the flu knock you out

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Sao Paulo Country Brazil
Creative Directors: Hugo Rodrigues, Tony Goes
Art Directors: Antonio Cattuzzo, Luis Gatti, Sidney Araujo
Copywriter: Vladmir Brown
Photographer: Marcus Hausser
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morse's picture

I quite like this ad. Nice visual.

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HTG¡'s picture

Will using Vick's give me an "O face" or will it try to prevent one?

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Art Director at my head
Vitor Maciel's picture

excellent idea!

Vitor Maciel
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Troll's picture

Wow it must be good to warrant people signing up just to comment on how awesome it is.

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Roger Keynes's picture

Bam! :)

Roger Keynes
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morse's picture

That's not the same at all.

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Fera Groove's picture

jrouxel you are full of shit. This is bullshit.

Nice campaign.

Fera Groove
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Art Director
jinfan102's picture

o.O ... They are similar, in "some" way. But definitely not the same idea!
Where did you see the "done to death" part?!

However, I'm not a big fan of this campaign anyway :/
Seen it multiple times already, in different ads, different concepts, they are not the same, but I feel like I've seen it for many times. I'd say:"nice visuals, but please try something else???"

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morse's picture

I quite like this ad. Nice visual.

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ace85le's picture

Doesn't sell much and a bit cliche.

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The JACK's picture

Vicks is not for flu...!!!!!!!!!!!

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Roger Keynes's picture

Yeah, but... reminds me a little too much of this JamShop 'Sneeze' viral/tvc from a couple of years ago.

Roger Keynes
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jackblack's picture

How punny can we get here?

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lyt1ne's picture

very nice

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Nike Diesel's picture

Done many times.

Nike Diesel
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Billoughsby's picture

It's a sock to the jaw!

It's a sneeze!

It's a cough drop ad!

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That's it.

henito's picture

come on! seen this kind of visual for like a hundred times.

and pls admin: get rid of that dfhjkyu girl!!!

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abake's picture

Sorry, but I don't like this.
It's all about a pun, and on top of that the pun doesn't really work visually.

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kleenex's picture

solid visual.

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Glut's picture

nice and different approach for this category.

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fabiomaia's picture

Knockout! ;)

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wilmato's picture

Exellent perception!

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