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June 2012
Vice Magazine:  Bishop


Print advertisement created by Ogilvy, Romania for Vice Magazine, within the category: Media.


Censoring Censorship Since 1996

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Bucharest, Romania
Creative Director: Dani Macarie
Art Directors: Ionut Coanda, Dan Gherman, Paul Dersidan
Copywriters: Cristina Calota, Dani Macarie
Photographers: Dan Samoila, Dan Gherman
Additional credits: Red Carpet Studio
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icyheart's picture

Why the child's face?

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giancarlo10's picture

Total bigoted crap (and bad creative, to boot). It seems the Catholic Church is every talentless hack's favorite target. It takes hard work to come up with a good concept, so why not just take a cheap shot at Catholics instead? Although I wonder if the 12-year-olds who read Vice would even get the point of the ad, assuming there is one. Weak.

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lemonAd's picture

You must really have never read Vice if you think 12 year olds read it. They do not "take a cheap shot" at Catholics, they talk about real facts that are censored in any other press.

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when life gives you lemons make a lemonade stand.

Roger Keynes's picture

Shame these isn't a censor for stupid-ship in here.

Roger Keynes
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