Very little power, Nuclear

March 2007
 Very little power, Nuclear
 Very little power, Nuclear



Uses very little power. The Energy Smart light bulb runs on a mere 15 watts. That's 75% less energy than an ordinary bulb requires, very little power indeed.
GE imagination at work.

Advertising Agency: BBDO, New York, USA
Creative Director: David Lubars
Art Director: John Leu
Copywriter: Brad Roseberry
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Philip Chudy's picture

wrong perspective on buildings

comped look

would be better were it cuter


Philip Chudy
Activity Score 54
twelve_noon's picture

this one feels wrong... nice idea but imagewise a bit scrupy...

Activity Score 617
Creative Director
andrej dwin's picture

the art of it is the last thing that's wrong with it.
the idea is confusing and has very little to do with the actual product.

andrej dwin
Activity Score 937
Copywriter at Publicis Austria |

AdArena: Sex Sells

Have Heart's picture

Why don't they just show a super-tiny nuclear-station???! This looks weird and confusing.

Have Heart
Activity Score 922
Art Director
Have Heart's picture

P.S. I can't believe this is from BBDO NY. Looks like a student work.

Have Heart
Activity Score 922
Art Director
Fridgerator's picture

Last time I checked, nuclear power plants create radioactive waste and it harms the environment. Completely contradicts the fact that the lightbulbs conserve energy, which is good for the environment.

Activity Score 458
OCAD - 2nd Year Advertising |

The concept is only as good as the execution.

Stigset's picture

This looks wrong, and the image scares me a bit, it's not generating an environmental image at all, quite on the contrary in fact.

Activity Score 1454
Art Director
Pacific Blue's picture

I can't believe this is from BBDO NY, either.
Looks like a student work. A rookie one.

Pacific Blue
Activity Score 335
Art Director |

/// The clock is laughing in my face ///

otto54's picture

confused and bad executed

Activity Score 381
Art Director |

Advertising pass, pasta remain...

Vicky's picture

Its a bAd. A Bad ad! The idea is just averge, with a poor production work.

They shuold keep posting just the nice stuff like Havainas and Pepsi.

Activity Score 375
Creative Director
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