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December 2007


Print advertisement created by Utopium, Romania for Venezia Cafe, within the category: Recreation, Leisure.


Add some Wifi to your morning.
Free wireless internet hotspot.

Advertising Agency: Utopium, Oradea, Romania
Creative Director / Art Director: Cristian Ungur
Copywriter: Mihai Pop
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To me this is the only one that makes some sense... unless there are many people out there drinking wine and sodas at breakfast...

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The explanation copy for all says 'morning' but the copy on the ads themselves say 'day' and 'evening'. So they all make sense.

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no it doesn't. the ad always says, what the copy says. and if not, sometjing is wrong

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what's wrong here is that u and people like u are only into criticize, so they don't take the time to think that it might be a translation mistake. this ad is saying: add some wifi to your morning and the other two ads are saying: to your evening and to your afternoon. i don't even like this campaign but i'm sick of all this frustrated fucks who only know to criticize.

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so...u can type ( ) [] _ only if u go online?
i'm not saying it's not nice, clean and simple, but...i don't think it's that amazing. plus the coffee is the only one that means morning. put a croisant...or something there...

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copywriter |

"U think it's perfect?! Press delete and start again!"

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ASCII is sooo 1997.

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I think, therefore... yeah.

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agreed. these are lame.

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You know, you should try also letting us know WHY you think so. Otherwise you're just talking shit.

Zana Zanelor
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i was replying to the ascii art comment. what is lame is forcing beverages and wifi together with ascii art. ascii doesn't link well to wifi except that ASCII and 802.11 are both standards used by computers, both for very different things. if more characters were used, it might symbolize a large amount of data going through the air. also, saying that a coffee shop has wifi these days is like saying that a coffee shop has coffee. i can't speak for romania, but where i live wifi is ubiquitous, so it's not really a big deal. hope that clears it up. oh and remember, if this is your work, i was never saying that you're lame.

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Beverages and wifi togheter doesn't seem forced to me. The ASCII is a symbol that's instantly recognizable and associated with the internet. "if more characters were used, it might symbolize a large amount of data going through the air" - what? Yes, unfortunately, in Romania a wifi hotspot is still a differentiator (or was last year, because things are changing pretty fast). It's not my work, i'm on the client side of advertising.

Zana Zanelor
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Ma bucur ca ti-a placut. Ne cunoastem?

Cristian Ungur
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Creative Director - Utopium Romania
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Simple and ok

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So easy... its ok, but easy....

Renan Correa
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I really like it, a lot!

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Wi-fi + would be great if the wi-fi repetitive arches is the handle of the coffee cup.

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simply nice... i like splendid simplicity of composition

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This ad is l33t pwn

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Roger Daly
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Gr8! LOL! :)

If you know what i mean...

Johnny Bravo
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Thanks! I'll try harder next time.

Cristian Ungur
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Creative Director - Utopium Romania
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Dude, it's all good. Keep it up!

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Way to keep it simple. Love it.

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extremely lame.

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Clear yet creative. I like em alot.

Karolina GB
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i liked it