Veg City, New Year's Eve

November 2007
 Veg City, New Year's Eve
 Veg City, New Year's Eve




No artificial colorants added
The total lack of artificial colorants in our products doesn't just make you fel good. It makes you feel absolutely fantastic.

Advertising Agency: .start, Munich, Germany
Creative Directors: Marco Mehrwald, Thomas Pakull
Art Director: Roland Raith
Junior Art: Nina Zinnhobler
Copywriter: Bernd Nagenrauft
Illustrator: Christoph Hoppenbrock
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Spanky's picture

oh, in that case it must be heathy. this is retarded.

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Ravages's picture

Clever. Funny clever. Three out of five in a campaign is not bad. But the two bad ones are so bad, they bring the average very low.

Still...I suppose I couldn't have done as good a job with this brief. (Just being modest there.)

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Angie-chan's picture

this one is the best of all

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kaceres's picture

i think, the graphic idea could be different.

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SandMan69's picture

This is weetarded not for the reason Hankey Spanky says, but because the poster is Grey. What tasty food is Grey? seriously?....we're talking about burger king, I take it back...spanky is still wrong tho.

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Art Director |

Doin' it for the points

512's picture

nobody outside will get this b/w-idea unless you see the whole campaign in one row. which doesn´t seem very likely ;-)

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kaceres's picture

forget what i told

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panasit's picture

I like the series, but as a stand alone ad, one might think "oh yeah, when I think about all the bad things about fast food, artificial colorant is on the top of my list"

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--good idea is enemy of great idea

kingzeus's picture

i like this one....

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"you are valued for your value so be valuable..."

berenice81's picture

Qué lindo !!! y la ilustracion es preciosa

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Totto's picture

copy is not bad.It is very bad.

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Copywriter |

Intelligent ads are the need of the hour.

Guest commenter's picture

B urger King promoting vegetables? Well, it's a good start.

Guest commenter
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