Is It A Wonderful World?

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April 2019
USAID / CENN: Is It A Wonderful World?
USAID Print Ad - Is It A Wonderful World?


What lasts forever? love, friendship, the greatest artworks? Maybe, but researches show us another option. Plastic – a substance the earth cannot digest, plastic does not biodegrade.

Still, Georgians, who consider plastic pollution as a big problem and continue to stay worried about the issue – don't change their behaviour – none of them tries to decrease day to day consumption of plastic items like plastic bags, straws, beverage bottles, cups, forks, knives, spoons, and so on.

So, how could we catch their attention? Showing the worst situation they can find themselves at? No, They have got used to it. Tell them the fatal results of plastic usage? Come on, They've heard it all.

What if we tell the most frightful nightmare with a most wonderful way. Maybe with a song they know and love – to finally understand how our world has changed.

So, let's sing a good old song, rethink the issue and return the earth to its original by reducing single-use plastic in everyday life!

Print advertisement created by Leavingstone, Georgia for USAID, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


Return the earth to its original, reduce single-use plastic in everyday life

Copywriter: Nincho Balanchivadze
Graphic Designer: Nanka Baghaturia
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good effort

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good effort

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interesting concept.

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Very elegant. Good copy find.

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