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Love it. Good use of product!


Charlie Pratt
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then explain to me Charlie Pratt? what did you see here?

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Yokozuna's ass.

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There is a nice relation between ass & product, but the product image doesn't reflect comfort sense as expressed in the copy.

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Sorry, i don't understand.

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me too i didn't get it

Mahdy El Hosseny
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Cheek to cheek. The only cushion on the human body is your butt. I like it. It made me curious as to what is that?

Cathy Watts
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Art Director
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nonsense for me, sorry.
"one back side", which is the butt... with upholstery... pity... what?? why??
so, the only "cushion" human body has it's the ass, and... what???????

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I think i know what they want to do .... but it just doesnt work.

SO 90's!!!!!!!

Stop doing the visual trick.

There is no idea... and if there is one... IS OLD!!!!!

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