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April 2011


Print advertisement created by Saatchi & Saatchi, Belgium for University of Gent, within the category: Education.


Dare to think

Advertising Agency: Saatchi&Saatchi, Brussels, Belgium
Creative Directors: Jan teulingkx, Alexander Cha'ban
Art Directors: Arnaud Bailly, Ross Mc Currach
Copywriters: Ross Mc Currach, Arnaud Bailly
Photographer: Marc Paeps
Accounts: Nicolas Pignatelli
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CuriousPencil's picture

A return to the heady 1980s, when smug pseudo-intellectualism was achieved with cider & blackcurrant and stories like "there's a man hanging from a high ceiling in an empty warehouse. There is no ladder but a puddle beneath him. Explain."

Call me cynical, but these seem like cheap gimmicks.

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Kriativity's picture

eh..dare to think what?

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ace85le's picture

Didn't like both the idea and the visual.

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The dare to think means that dare to think that there could be a 1.21 Euro?

Sorry, I don't see how this would attract students or build an image, maybe the same concept taken in a different more approachable direction would work.

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i'm not happy with the realisation or the idea behind it.

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We're obviously not smart enough for the University of Gent. Even if it's "One Euro, 21 countries/languages/answers", I wouldn't fancy walking around a place of learning where everyone thinks they're too smart already.

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samcabodi's picture

Hi guys!

I would not want to defend the concept, which seems difficult to understand for me, but here's the way I see it :

The VAT here in Belgium is of 21% and VAT is a tax on added value.
SO to me, they tried to create the idea that you have to see things with an added value.

BUT if that is the concept, MY GOSH it's hard to get it. Of course, the aim here is to make you think, but this is a bit too much...

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