Love the world cup, but love the children more.

July 2010
Unicef Print Ad -  Love the world cup, but love the children more.



Love the world cup, but love the children more.
To Most people, World Cup means passionate carnival, but to the children who live in the Blikkiesdorp near Cape Town, the World Cup means homeless, bad living environment, and a broken football dream. Since 2009, about 15,000 local poor were forced to leave their home, and moved to Blikkiesdorp - the temporary relocation area (TRA) built by the government for them. In this “TRA”, there are only 3 square meters living space per person, the children here are constantly threaten by HIV, Tuberculosis and vicious crimes. These children have contributed too much for the World Cup, maybe it’s our turn to do something for them.

Art Director: Woody Hu
Copywriters: Gilbert Fan, Kerr Liu
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sandipkayal's picture

Idea is ok...but art is poor

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Agree with comment above. I feel that the message is stronger than the ad, is a good idea, but art could be a lot better.

Man in a Box
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rurorjuror's picture

really social execution. will work.

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Minerva Pinto's picture

I feel like the message is strong but that the integration with the World Cup was a bit forced.

Minerva Pinto
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good message..don't know if it will move people tho..

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I am fairly certain the UNICEF does not do any work in Blikkiesdorp (I work there and would know). So I wonder where the money's going?

Great idea for a political campaign but too bad these monster NGO's just want to cash in.

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wow... personally i found it amazing... at firs a saw only the JABULANI.... but when a large it.. wow.. blow my mind

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Great copy