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March 2009
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Print advertisement created by TBWA, United States for Unicef, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day LA, USA
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I'm sorry but these ads are just boring. And maybe the Third World would have clean running water if their fucking socialist one-party governments stopped stealing the donor funds and did something constructive with it, for once. You can send as much of your money to these fuckwits as you want - they will ALWAYS be in the shit because they just don't listen to Western reason. In fact, they actively denounce it as "Eurocentric". Leave them to wallow in their own problems and get on with your lives. You waste so many people's time and money trying to help people who end up stealing farms away from productive (white) farmers - like in Zimbabwe - and then we wonder why the economy there is in hyperinflation. Give them all the clean water you can, but tomorrow there will be another problem of theirs that needs your urgent attention.

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^ ^

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That's like saying you shouldn't help a cancer patient because they're just going to die anyway.

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Chill man...take a pill. If you don't want to help other people, it's totally fine.

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western reason is the cause of third world thirst and hunger. because western reason just want to exploit. all these corporate responsibility scam and green washing and astro-turfing are just PR manipulations. Ad-boy, your government needs socialist one-party governments so that you white people can continue to have a dumpsite for your toxic waste, a testing ground for your meds, a shop to sew your clothes and sneakers for .10 cents, and a military base to give you that superiority complex.

now go back to your table and do that flyer on wal-mart. it better win a lion. deadline is on march 31.

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No, the Third World is the cause of Third World thirst and hunger. Sixty years after colonialism ended and we still have the same problems in Africa (yet Japan survived 2 atomic blasts and got back on its feet in record time). I recognise that this site must be for criticising ads, not mouthing off on politics, but some of the reactions to my statement are astounding in many ways. Don't you see that this has nothing to do with race or racism - but everything to do with honest, clean government at its core? It's also about breaking the cycle of dependence/charity - and learning to stand on one's own feet, independently from the donor nations and their sometimes dubious agendas (like China, for instance). But I see some of you have unleashed your own racist demons though - vilifying white people in the process. One person even wishes I were necklaced (burt alive). And for what? For telling the truth? Interesting. But thank you for the Cannes deadline reminder - although I thought it was March 27, not March 31. By the way, Ivan, thank you for standing up for freedom of speech - something the REAL enemies of freedom hate so much.

And BulbheaD, if I were working on a flyer for Wal-Mart, I would make a bloody good one.

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Right, well... *ahem*... political views notwithstanding, what do you think of the campaign? Apart from the surfers ad, they have fuck all to do with water is the first thing I notice about them. It could be done for any charity really. But I guess they're kinda funny, and it's a different approach to the usual 'your $5 a month can help this poor, needy kid'. If this reflects the LA mentality (wouldn't know) and it instills a sense of community spirit (again, wouldn't know) then I guess they're pretty good.

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don't like.

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Sorry, one kinda side tracks when retards are allowed to spew mindless garbage on public platforms.

I dont believe the work is ground breaking, in fact the poster about 'homies' borders on wanker-naff. That said however, there's merit in appealing directly to the different 'sectors' of LA culture 'in their own language' and if they's dug just a lil deeper and made their communiction just that much more concise (ala: the Valley girls, Surfers and City of Angels posters)it could've been a cool copy driven campaign, for a great cause... hear that asshole (moron at the top)!

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He's disruptive and he's comments are offensive, ignorant and irrelevant in the 20th century.

Shit, now I forgot all about what I wanted to say....

the Pun-isher
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I see your point, but everybody is entitled to his opinion. Freedom of speech. It's a fine balance. I do delete profanities, regardless of free speech as nobody is interested to read those.

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Aiit cool. I understand.
It's just that this was not the first time AD_BOY's comments bordered on racism...
I come here to learn and be inspired. Not to get ticked off
Anyways, thanks for a really cool site

the Pun-isher
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actually they are for the most part FASCIST governments, genius

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